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Please read this before posting in this sub-forum.

Discussion in 'Jewelry & Accessories' started by knbg, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. knbg

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    Dear ILites,

    As you all know that IL is a popular web community with numerous useful forums evolved for the betterment of Indian women.

    This Jewellery forum is formed to discuss new trends,fashions in the jewellery world and to share new designs,patterns,collection that members have.

    This is not a place where advertisers in the form of IL members place their works and advertise indirectly for monetary benefits.Should such posts pop up,it is the responsibility of IL members not to respond to them and kindly bring it to the notice of the moderators.

    Also asking for prices and that kind of indirect shopping is not acceptable in Indus Ladies.so kindly act accordingly.

    Please be careful while copying images from other sites because some of the images may be copy righted and they should not be used else where with out prior permission of the original owners.

    Images with watermark of business name are not allowed.

    Please do not quote pics while replying for the post
    , this makes page length unnecessarily long and will be annoying to scroll for other users. Instead you can mention the picture number or any identification.

    We encourage your participation in just connecting, sharing useful informations and making friends here. No self promotions or selling for free here on IL.
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