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Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Anusha2917, Dec 19, 2023.

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    A very long time since I posted here . I have been MIA and usual stuff kept me occupied , Hope all ILites have been enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to 2024.
    2023 has been a wonderful year for me . Lot of positives :) By far my favorite year I can say .

    Some confusions I have in my mind. While I will do what will work for me but seeing if seasoned ILites have something better to say .
    I am a non IT engineer . Work involves supporting US region . From 2016 I have been working with same people and in a good organization with a 2.5 year career break in between . total 10+ years of experience in my filed. After B tech I did not pursue masters, took up job immediately and I can say I have decent salary now with all the the career break. Past few years lots of struggle with starting the family, IVF, etc. Never thought about my masters. Now kind of settled I can say with 1 baby and not interested in second baby and all. Happy with one daughter :) However I have realized it is very important in my field to have a masters degree and I have been thinking what I can do next to accelerate in my career . I am in mid 30s now.
    First thought : My husband told me in the beginning of last year that he may get an opportunity to move to US or UK. We also worked on various pro and cons of these two countries and thought that US will have better opportunities for me as well and later there was no talk from his office about relocation . Been a year but there is nothing concrete that is taking off . During same time last year a colleague of mine (2 years younger than me ) quit job and went to US to pursue master's in US and been a year now he has rejoined our company but in the US.(his situation is different than mine, like his FIL supported him to take care of his wife and kid , he said he had a lot of savings from his earnings and got a big chunk of his ancestral property share after his dad expired etc so he did not actually have a big financial constraint is what I understand ). When he went last year my counterpart in the US said why don't I come and it is easier for me to get a job as I have good contacts now with the team I work for . Same time my husband office also they were having talks . I said I can move if my husband moves and come and study there and take up a job . But nothing really happened at my husband office . Me and husband even thought of this: Me going there first and studying and getting a job (because if I have a master's degree there it is easier for me to be taken in the same company , without masters degree there they won't sponsor my VISA) but for that my husband said said to support my education in the US we will have to sell the current house we are staying . I was not okay with that and I left it there . My husband and mother are ready to take care of my 3Y old if I want to go and study . I still want to go but
    1.Without selling current apartment . I can take loan but to support my monthly expenses there I need financial help from him which will be too much for him because of our housing loan and my salary won't be there. I understand there are some part time jobs I can take there but there are restrictions first 6 months (I still don't exactly know how this works). My counterpart in US is ready to offer me part time job in same firm(he is most likely not aware of restrictions but I am 100% not relying on his words for now). But with all this is it a good idea to do this in my mid 30s? By the time I apply for next term I would be one more year older :grin:
    2.I can get a job after masters but what about my husband. How can he come ? He is the primary earning member of the family who earns 3X my salary .
    I feel life is showing me some opportunities to move to the US , should I try and make it happen or leave it now .

    Second thought : Mine is a technical field and currently I am leading technical aspects of the US projects sitting in India and say 5 years from now I will be shifting to complete managerial roles(from leading project teams to leading bigger team of people). Unlike in the US here we don't have an option to completely sit in a technical role , eventually everyone in my field(at least in India office) move to techno managerial roles . So pursuing MBA (two years , weekend course from premium institutes) is my target . Again it is not any cheaper . I have to take loan , will have to study a lot and sacrifice next two years of my life, which I should be ready to do . Will people hire me just because I am a MBA holder , no but I am sure it will help me in future .

    Some thought I want to put is : It's not that my field is 100% recession proof or I will forever work in the same firm , but chances are infrastructure work will slow down but we will not be fired(that is what I understand every time I put a question across how are we gonna tackle the market challenges of recession. Seeing the growth plan of this firm in the US and projects in the pipeline next 10 years look positive for me . At least the kind of projects I am involved in looks like next 10-15 years there will be a lot of similar projects.

    Since both above thoughts involve lot of money I am confused . I may end up doing none of the above in 2024 and just do my regular job but still would appreciate some thoughts which would be better?

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    My 2cents, have the second baby.

    In 2 or 5 years, you can do everything you plan on doing now. But, having a second baby then, might be difficult.

    25 years from now, at your daughter's wedding, would you have her younger brother or sister standing next to her in your family photo or would you be content with masters degree, technical job in US.

    An unrelated thought regarding my above advice:

    Patient: Doctor, I am not able to see properly. I think I need glasses.

    Doctor: Here, wear mine. I can see perfectly in them.
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    Is there any way you can find a job for yourself in US, even if your current company won’t move you? A lot of Indians would work and do master’s simultaneously so they could pay from their salary, back in my day. I don’t know the current situation, but something like this would help you to avoid debt.
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    Questions to ponder

    these are neutral Qs. not making you decide not to come or not.

    why do you want to come to USA. Is it job only. Why cannot a new job switch with lot of help in india can be done?

    What visa you wil be coming. H1 or L1 ( A, B) .

    do you see yourself settling down in usa . it is going to be a long time for people from Indian origin . in between you need to be strong in dealing with VISA approval uncertainties.

    your current focus was only in career. how flexible is your work in usa . who takes care of kid in India. Can you or dh handle in usa. with kid school, dr appt, sick days.

    who does the house work in india. cooking , cleaning. dishes. are you and dh ready to share .

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