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Places to shop in thiruchi and madras

Discussion in 'Jewelry & Accessories' started by Junglebug, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Junglebug

    Junglebug New IL'ite

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    Hi everyone,

    Im making a trip to India in May and i'll be there for 11 days. Im born n raised in malaysia. Im so so excited :spin bout my trip over there but i cant help but to worry bout where to shop. i wan to shop for sarees, fancy jewelleries and punjabi suits. I heard from frens who have been thr tht the best bargains can be found in the small shops rather than the shopping complex as they would be overly priced.

    I would appreciate if some info or contacts could be given for me to enjoy my trip further. Im yet to find a driver to chaffuer me around during my 11 days there... i've no idea wat are the charges like. would be good if someone could shed some light on it too..

    looking forward to hear from everyone here...


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