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    A story from a Novell NetWire SysOp:
    "Hello, is this Tech Support?"
    "Yes, it is. How may I help you?"
    "The cup holder on my PC is broken, and I am within my warranty period. How do I go about getting that fixed?"
    "I'm sorry, but did you say a cup holder?"
    Yes, it's attached to the front of my computer."
    "Please excuse me. If I seem a bit stumped, it's because I am Did you receive this as part of a promotional at a trade show? How did you get this cup holder? Does it have any trademark on it?"
    "It came with my computer. I don't know anything about a
    promotional. It just has '4X' on it."
    At this point, the Tech Rep had to mute the caller because he couldn't
    stand it. He was laughing too hard. The caller had been using the load
    drawer of the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder and snapped it off the drive.

    woman called the Canon help desk with a problem with her printer.
    The tech asked her if she was "running it under windows."
    The woman responded, "No, my desk is next to the door. But that is a
    good point. The man sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window
    and his printer is working fine."

    Bob, let's press the control and escape keys at the same time. That brings up a task list in the middle of the screen. Now type the letter P to bring up the Program Manager."
    "I don't have a P."
    "On your keyboard, Bob."
    "What do you mean?"
    "P on your keyboard, Bob."
    "I ain't gonna do that!"

    Times have changed **
    15 years Ago... A program was a television show
    An application was for employment
    Windows were something you hated to clean,
    A cursor used profanity
    A keyboard was a piano
    Memory was something you lost with age
    Compress was something you did to garbage
    A hard drive was a long trip on the road
    Log on was adding wood to a fire
    A mouse pad was where a mouse lived
    Cut you did with scissors

    Never marry a software engineer. Just have a look at this conversation and then decide Yourself.

    Husband - hey dear, I am logged in.

    Wife - would you like to have some snacks? Husband - hard disk full.

    Wife - have you brought the saree. Husband - Bad command or file name.

    Wife - but I told you about it in morning Husband - erroneous syntax, abort, retry, cancel.

    Wife - Oh God !forget it where's your salary. Husband - file in use, read only, try after some time.

    Wife - at least give me your credit card, i can do some shopping. Husband - sharing violation, access denied.

    Wife - I made a mistake in marrying you. Husband - data type mismatch.

    Wife - you are useless. Husband - by default.

    Wife - who was there with you in the car this morning? Husband - system unstable press ctrl, alt, del to Reboot.

    Wife - what is the relation between you & your Receptionist? Husband - the only user with write permission.

    Wife - what is my value in your life? Husband - unknown virus detected.

    Wife - do you love me or your computer? Husband - Too many parameters.

    Wife - I will go to my dad’s house. Husband - program performed illegal operation, it will Close.

    Wife - I will leave you forever. Husband - close all programs and log out for another User.

    Wife - it is worthless talking to you. Husband - shut down the computer.

    Wife - I am going Husband - Its now safe to turn off your computer

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