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Discussion in 'Indians in Houston' started by usmleindian, Mar 8, 2016.

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    hi all,
    i stumbled upon this forum when looking for indain room,apartments in houston.

    i am a single female,student looking for accomodation in houston in Medical center area...i need a place with reasonable pricing for rent.

    i would be very much happy if there are any paying guest accomodations available.seperate room,shared room options are also ok..
    i need a place as soon as next sat/12/2106..

    i posted ad in sulekha, eknazar etc..

    i am new to this country,city..
    i just need a good,safe,clean,calm peaceful place...with not much of botheration/disturbance..
    i am a no nonsense,sinple,calm girl just doing my work..

    if anybody here knows of somebody who is ready to take in paying guests, or if there is any room avaialble,kindly please respond to this post or message me..

    Usmle Indian..

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