Path To Nirvana From Capital Markets

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    Concluding Paragraphs

    Capital Market Is A Place Where The Spiritual Ideal Of Complete Awareness And Consciousness Gets Honed To Utmost. Investors Encounter External Factors That Affect Local Stock Prices. This Consciousness Is The First Step Towards Realising The Basic Reality And Oneness Pervading Our Universe. People Refer To It As Globlaisation And Liberalisatio When They Gain From It And Contagion When The Market Comes Crashing Down. But The Fact That Event, Economies,companies And Investors Are All Connected Is Inescapable.

    As One Moves Up The Wisdon Curve, Detachment Emerges. As One Realises That Desires Do Not Equal Outcomes, Acceptance Of The Reality Of The Here And Now Emerges. Every Impulse Arises, Matures, Fades And Then Arises Elsewhere. This Applies To Events, To Markets, To Companies And To Economies. The Realisatio That This Too Shall Pass Allows Detachement. Investors Are Fortunate In The Sense That They Can Let Go Without Emotinal Attachment To Businesses Or Assets They Invest In. While This Sounds Callous,it Is Reality That There Are No Permanent Friends Or Foes Or Blue Chips And Dogs In The Market. The Market Serves To Remind Us Of The Two Universal Principals:

    A) Rit The Law Of Rhytm, Cycles This Bull/bear Phase Too Shall Pass
    B)yajna: Sacrifice Of What You Hold Dearest ( Let Go)

    A Truly Detached Investor See A Bull Market For What Is Really Is Inflation In Asset Prices.

    The Market Is A Place Where Humility Gets Inculcated Quickly. One Realises That Doesrs Are The Entrepreneurs, Investors Rewards Are A Function Of Many External Factors, And That Any Egoistic Pretensions Of Being A Winner Are Delusional.

    The Ideal Of Self-awareness Gets Realised As One Begins To Play To Ones Strengths And Builds A Circle Of Competence And An Equanimous Temperament That Is Not Swayed By Events, Personalities, Emotions Or Ego. Only When One Learns How To Remain Calm And Composed Under All Sets Of Circumstances, Does The Real Test Of Winners An Equanimous Temperament - Emerge. This Temperament Is Not Captive To Iq, Luck,desire Or Need. It Is Shaped By Ideals And A Passion To Stay Ahead In Ones Chosen Vocation. The Concepts Of Detached Passion And Deserving Desting Become Real.

    At The Zenith Of Success On This Path , Winners Are Overcome With The Wisdom That The Real Purpose Of Life Is To Achieve Oneness With The World. This Wisdom Allows On E To Give Back In Untold Measure - Selflessly. This Is Manifested In Many Forms. Some Teach, Many Start Seeding Deserving Enterpreneurs, While Some Move On To Philanthropy.

    To Be Concluded,

    Mrs. Sangeetha Jain, Chennai,tamil Nadu

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