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Part 6-mythili –full Moon And Breeze In My Life Getting Into Il,what Cheeniya Said And Bathroom Pro

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sln, Mar 9, 2020.

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    PART 6-Mythili –Full moon and breeze in my life

    Getting into IL,What Cheeniya said and bathroom problems in Chennai]

    Remembered the yester years-friends

    why today is not as happy as old days

    Hundred relations have sprung up

    yet where is the peace I am searching for

    I had seen just retired couple quarrelling at home all the time.The lady felt stifled with a man at home all the time breathing on her neck and infringing on her domain.The man started noticing drawbacks on home management.Then the question of sharing TV prime time was a problem.[those were single TV days].Man felt inadequate supervision of maids and woman felt it was none of his business.Sharing of responsibility in setting and clearing the dining table was an issue.

    Having observed this we decided that we would keep ourselves busy and pursue our own interests.I sent her for a course in MS Office to handle computers. She did well but for absenting herself when there was an exam on excel.She pleaded she was unwell and any how she need not learn Excel for writing articles.Thus started her tryst with IL[Mithila Kannan].She became a hit with stories of the balancing act in middle class families.She also won a diamond ring as the first prize for an article in another website.I drove her to the award function and rushed to open the car door befitting courtesy to a prize winning author.We were all seated around an oval table when the organisers announced that authors would sit in the first row and attendants in the second row.I vacated my seat by the side of Mythili and moved behind.That was when I decided to join the snippet group as my earlier articles were confined to management subjects.

    It was a wonderful journey and the pinnacle was when a snippet by me and Mythili competed for the finest post.This is what Cheeniya had to say”This is one of the rarest of rare cases when both husband and wife get nominated for the FB of the month.I nominated Lakshminarayanans Dangerous Predicament and now I see Mithila too has come in with a bang.IL surely is in the strong grip this wonderful couple”.This was an aphrodisiac for our common interest in sharing ideas and writing.

    I was a fan of actress Madhuri Dixit and Mythili was not impressed..One day I saw a note in the news paper and rushed to Mythili,asked her to sit down and listen to me.The note was by Karan Thapar journalist “I was in Taj Samudra when I heard that Madhuri was staying there- I called her up and sought an interview.She came to my room and when I opened the door ,a 1000 watt smile exploded in my face”What do you understand from this Mythili I asked.Without batting an eyelid she said”it shows that you are also in M.F.Hussains age category”That was repartee par excellence and both of us had a hearty laugh.Mythili had passed the test of life from an introvert girl to an extrovert with a sense of humour.I think that I had a small role to play in this transformation.

    I kept myself busy as the founder president of the owners association in a complex of 48 flats.With a group of committed people we brought piped water from the panchayat borewell 3 kms away,sorted out the treated sewage disposal by laying a pipeline through the storm water drain of the adjoining hospital,maintained a beautiful garden,completed water harvesting etc.Our complex found a place in two tamil hits Minnale and Dum Dum Dum. I was however sandwiched between a cynical negative old man and a snooping gossipy old man at the other end.I called it Kalasarpa dosham days[planets are sandwiched between Rahu and Kethu in the horoscope] There were days of water shortage.One day around 5.30 AM the bell rang in our house.Mythili opened to see the first floor mami[around 60].Where is Mama-she asked.Tell me what is the problem Mythili replied.”There is no water.I have to use the rest room urgently.Mythili was upset..She woke me up and I arranged for the motor to be switched on half an hour earlier.Mythili gave me a dressing down-“You have had a difficult time and that is why we called it quits and came over here.Why cant you relax like other people.Resign as president-I don’t want ladies queing up before you and telling that they have to use the rest room” .That was end of my role as President in the complex.

    Handling MIL, Chennai Snakes,Tsunami and second honey moon in part 7
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