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Pandemic - Depression And Humor

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sureshmiyer, May 22, 2021.

  1. sureshmiyer

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    It is natural in a pandemic situation to be driven by emotions. If one does not gets broken down or sad or depressed, then he is not Man. After all Man is not a machine that he won’t be affected by emotions. Life can be fair as well as unfair. Else Abhimanyu won’t have been killed in the Mahabharata.

    All the motivational lectures seem like a waste in front of our worries. But Life is like that, unless a man is motivated himself, he cannot motivate others. He must learn to love himself and others.

    Patience, sincerity and hard work are the key to one’s success. And what is Success? Success comes with its own time. There is a time for everything. A tree does not come up the very day after you plant seeds. It takes months, even years depending on the tree.

    So, what is important is that we should better ourselves each day.

    “If everybody can do it, I can do it. If everybody cannot do it I can definitely, do it” should be the mentality

    But what we actually do

    “If everybody can do it, why should I do it, if everybody cannot do it how can I do it”

    To be filled with negative thoughts is quite easy. We must increase the Positivity aspect and be with positive people.

    If we work hard, we better ourselves each day

    We are a generation of distracted individuals

    Anger is automatic, Peace is a choice

    Hatred is automatic, Love is a choice

    Negativity is automatic, Positivity is a choice

    Problems are automatic, Happiness is a choice

    No one is perfect in life but we can make it up with sincerity.

    Times keep changing and we have to update according to the change in times.

    After all Life is a journey, there are no turning points in life, it’s an ongoing process.

    We have to understand that. Not everyone is right or wrong.

    Do not hesitate to say sorry even when you are right. It only means that you value the person more than being right.

    Laugh and find humor in every day.

    My above thoughts are of course driven by the self-help books that I keep reading. Nothing is new actually, its all a matter of experience and realization.

    Till some person came up with the reality that it was indeed the earth that was moving around the Sun, many were believing that it was the Sun that was going up and down. But whatever he said was his realization and nothing new. It was not that the Earth started moving around the Sun due to his realization.

    I will end up this piece with a bit of a humorous situation that happened with me last week.

    Though I do wear mask and follow Covid appropriate behavior, the so-called 2nd wave and the way it affected my family members made me more cautious. Initially, when someone used to ring the bell and I had to open for him or her, I did not use to wear mask. But now I put on a mask.

    The problem with people is that they mingle easily outside with or without masks but become cautious when they came to know that a certain member of a family has Covid.

    I live alone at Government quarters in Delhi due to my transfer and my family is back in Mumbai. I usually order from Swiggy at weekend as I get bored going into the kitchen everyday and need a break. Initially, I used to just open the door whenever the delivery man from Swiggy and take the food parcel from him. He also used to personally hand it over with a friendly smile and requesting me to give him 5-star rating

    But nowadays with my cautious attitude, I wear a mask as soon as the bell rings. As soon as the delivery man sees with a mask, he just keeps the food parcel on the steps and moves away quietly. I have a silent laugh when I see this happen and begin to wonder. Earlier when I used to open the door without a mask, he used to hand the parcel personally to me with a smile. But now when I open the door with a mask, he just keeps it and hurriedly slips away. So, is wearing a mask safer or not?

    I leave it to you.

    Written by
    Suresg Iyer
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  2. vidhyalakshmid

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    Liked those words, good to ponder!
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  3. GregoriaBoul

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    These words, it makes one reflect on themselves.

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