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Online Music And Dance Class

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by helpmeplz, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. helpmeplz

    helpmeplz Junior IL'ite

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    Hi Friends need to information on how much is the price for music and dance classes online these days

    We live in US and hoping to get our daughter some extra classes in summer to prevent boredom from social isolation

    Dance we have one of our relative, very good and teaching classical face to my daughter, we didn't talk about price but want to know what is being paid these days

    3 half hour classes per week

    Next is we are looking for Music class
    We are being quoted 500 to 700 rupees per 1 hour class just like in US

    I am surprised being 90s kid I am shocked to see this prices
    Usually we payed 200 to 300 per month

    Now we thought may be 2000 to 3000 per month

    Just curious are being ripped off or r is that the current price

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  2. startinganew

    startinganew Gold IL'ite

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    I think, you are being charged a very reasonable rate.

    1-on-1 classes for any art-form is usually very expensive. Getting full attention, focus and continuous feedback from the teacher is super valuable. Most people go for group classes so it becomes reasonable for the student and also becomes worth-while for the teacher to have a decent income.

    Even group classes for dance/music in the US costs 15-20$ per class at the minimum for a new teacher (not necessarily young) in my city in the US.

    (Sorry to evaluate teachers like this but I have been looking around - A teacher who is in the first few years of teaching, doesn't yet have a formal teaching methodology, may not have yearly performances for students etc) charges this much.

    The famous teachers who are very choosy about students, how much home-practice is being guaranteed by parents (parents need to submit weekly log of how much children practiced every day, what was practiced, etc), will charge double of this for group classes. They will have an excellent curriculum and teaching methodology from what I hear from their students.

    Also if they are teaching from India I would also take into consideration they have to manage odd timings to incorporate kids from US.

    <10$ per class for 1-1 instruction that you are being given is definitely a special price given for a relative.
  3. anika987

    anika987 IL Hall of Fame

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    Usually classes will be $20 per hour be it dance or music.

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