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Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Aniyaa, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I find it very difficult handling emotions in office. :icon_frown: It spoils my day , if somebody is rude to me or not behaving in the way he/she should . I have to get it out of my system as fast as possible .

    Here , there is so much competition , that each one tries to put down the other person .
    If one is down , the other can expect something good . The organisation too has a ranking system , which creates this cut-throat competition ...
    Moreover , good relations with boss , good argument capacity , etc is very essential for our survival in the corporate world
    Even though I am just a moderately ambitious person , I get very hurt when somebody accusses me for no reason .. or If someone suspects me .. or if a junior bosses over me . I usually dont' create much fuss over the matter and let it die down . More often than not.. I always end up getting less than what I deserve , because I dont' have the ability to argue for my good .
    Over my 6 years of experience in the corporate world... I have realised that you have to treat ur office members in adifferent way.. At office , we have to be totally detached and only think from I ME MYSELF point of view to succeed.. Contrary to what we are programmed to be , that is emphatising , emotional and caring.... All the emotions need to be reserved for the people who really matter in our lives.
    In office we have to look at our competitors , like robots who are programmed to compete with us .. and not like humans with feelings... Even we are robots coming to office to just excel.. nothing else.. we can become humans once we get back home. :) :2thumbsup:
    What do you have to say about this people ? Am I correct or wrong ?

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    Being emotionally detached and focussed on your work will help you a lot in keeping your sanity at workplace, especially if you have cunning and backstabbing colleagues.

    You can also relax much better at home if you can leave your office problems at office.

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