Nursery Rhymes...v/s....Politicians

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    Nursery Rhymes...v/s.<WBR>...Politicians

    Laloo Bhai bihari

    Went up the pahari
    To fetch a bail for court order
    Laloo fell down
    And lost his crown
    But Rabri reigned thereafter.

    Laxman laxman

    Yes pappa
    eating money
    no pappa
    telling lies
    no pappa
    open yr drawer
    ha ha ha

    samata party is falling down

    falling down
    falling down
    samata party is falling down
    falling down
    falling down
    my fair jaitley (jaya)

    Wha Wha Black Sheep

    Have you pulled the wool?
    Yes sir, Yes sir,
    Three bags full.
    One for my father,
    One for my dame,
    And one for the CBI

    Crying in the lane.

    Little Miss Bharti,

    Did a Maha-arti,
    So the BJP would always hold sway.
    There came a big BSP With Mayavati its USP.
    And frightened Miss Bharti away.

    Little Lal Advani

    Sat with his TV vahini
    Taking his party's rai
    He stuck out his thumb,
    hoping to pull out the plum,
    And said, 'Can I have a slice of Vaj-pie?'

    Batsman-bowler sat on the ball.

    Batsman-bowler had a great fall,
    All the bookies' cookies,
    All the bribers' men,
    Couldn't put Indian cricket together again.

    Bankers and ministers

    Sold for a penny
    All the swindlers are so many
    The envy's green
    And the CBI red's
    Nail them all, and get

    their head, head, head.


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