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Noodles (indian chaowmin style :) ??

Discussion in 'Indians in Bay Area' started by stuti, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. stuti

    stuti Junior IL'ite

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    Hi all,

    Am new to bay area..San jose.
    I have been looking to buy Noodles which are used in making Indian Chaowmin. (No maggie , Tom Ramon please) I could not find any in New India Bazaar Milpitas.
    I looked at Ranch 99, and they had so many varieties Egg noodles, meat flavoured noodles and most of them i could not read being labelled in chinese.
    I also could not figure out the Spegetti sold in Safeway etc
    So can anyone please tell me where to buy the noodles which are closer to the indian style from which chaowmin is made.

    Thanks in advance

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