No name in birth certificate (Chennai) and Duplicate BC

Discussion in 'Tamil Nadu' started by jackrumorz, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Hi All, We have a problem with the Birth Certificate of our daughter, any help from you is appreciated.

    We live in a small town called Pernambut, which is in Tamilnadu. Our daughter was born in Chennai in May 2015 (Zone:8, Anna nagar). The hospital applied for her birth certificate but made two mistakes, which we want to correct it now. Request you to share your experience and knowledge.

    1. Her birth certificate is available online but her name is not mentioned. We want to add her name in the BC now. Her BC says Zone 8 Division 107. Please explain the procedure if any of you have gone through this.

    2. There are two copies of BC uploaded with same details including parents names, DOB, time etc. We have reported this to the hospital in person and they said they will correct it, 6 months past there are still 2 BC on the website still available. What to do now? Is this going to be an issue later on?

    Thanks in advance for your knowledge and support.

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    Hi, go to the chennai office directly and get it done. take the proof documents (original and copy) that shows you are the mom and dad of the your child. both of you go together as they need both parents signature in the form. after submitting all necessary documents they will ask you to come back after a week and get the BC with name on it. ITS FREE. NO FEE. if you find it difficult to travel or if you dont have a necessary document, you will have to bribe. you'll get the BC within 2hours for sure. this is from my experience for my own BC.
    my BC was there online with every detail but my name. I went to the ripon building on a Monday with all the possible documents that had my parents name on it. got the BC within 2 hours and the same got uploaded online on chennai corporation website within 2 days.

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