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    Hi friends.. I really enjoyed this story... This is forwarded from my friend... I donno the person who wrote it... I really want to appreciate him/her... Just want to share with IL frnds... I am posting it here
    Story name: Life is a ride

    I sipped my favorite Nescafe Classic sitting on my couch, watching the latest songs. It’s another beautiful Saturday morning, which means a lot to me, yah I am Preethi, hard core IT employee. It’s already 10.30 AM, but I was least bothered, cause this is the day where there are no onsite calls, status updates, KT sessions, Training sessions etc. etc. My mom urged me to take bath; because this is the day my parents were waiting for. Yah most of the decisions were done, the horoscopes were matched, both the parents are satisfied with various different constraints and criteria’s. The only thing pending is that the girl and the boy i.e. me and Rahul has to see each other personally as we have confirmed our decisions only by seeing the photographs. I sighed. I went to my bed room, where my maid was cleaning and arranging all the old stuffs. One of my chudi stuffed in the old box got my attention. I took it; it smelled with the old cardboard smell, it’s a striped cream top with purpled bottom and dupatta.I couldn’t bear the burden in my heart. I don’t know what was that feeling exactly. It’s none other than my college uniform. I sat on my bedstead holding my college uniform. My mind rolled back 7 years back.
    Owing to my family financial constraints, I was forced to take a local college, so that my parents can reduce the hostel fees. My parents were disappointment cause I didn’t score enough to secure a seat in a government college, but they are satisfied that I at least got the Dote 2 quota i.e. Free seat, in a decent college in my home town itself. I dreamt of many things, how will be my class, how should I speak, my staffs, department etc. and I also dreamt of the guy of my will he be??
    18 JUNE 2007 was my first day to college. My parents accompanied me. I saw few of the guys from my school, who I literally hate to see. We had the induction session. Once that was done, a hand patted my back. It’s Thivya. She screamed, you joined here ? I smiled back at her. She is my school mate.Thivya introduced me to two other girls Anu and Priya. Somehow we gelled up very soon. The formalities were done and the college has arranged buses for departure. I waved bye to my friends and moved towards the bus bay. There were some volunteers helping the parents and the new joinees to take the right bus.
    My mom exclaimed, hey Vikram what are you doing here? He turned back! I literally fainted the moment I saw him! He was tall, brownish and handsome. He smiled broadly at my mom, and said aunty, I study here. I am in to my second year CSE. My mom screamed Oh great! I am so glad, my daughter Preeti is joining here this year in CSE department only. So no worries of ragging for my daughter since you are here. She said, Preeti this is Vikram , my best friends son. I said Hi weakly! He replied back with a base voice and a beautiful smile HI!!!I couldn’t see his eyes and I diverted immediately. He introduced Shiva to my mom, aunty this is Shiva!! My best friend, We are buddies from our 5th standard, he too is in 2nd year CSE. They exchanged few words and Vikram guided us to our Bus. I sat in the window seat bewildered, without knowing what is happening in my mind. The bus squawked and started, I hesitantly looked back and my eyes met two pairs of eyes ..hmm…both Vikram and Shiva gazed back at me.Hastily I turned back and didn’t breath for few seconds. I washed my face, and headed to sleep. I couldn’t sleep that night. I thought about Vikram all the time, sometimes I laughed, sometimes I felt stupidly irritated. Without knowing that the next four years of my life is going to be a roller coaster ride, that will etch a deep mark in my heart, I headed to sleep.

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    Nice story.........

    Life is a Ride - Ride 2….

    I stood waiting for my college bus, with all new stuffs on me, new blue chudi, new bag, new hairstyle, what all to say. I boarded my bus, the girl in the front ushered me to move to the 5th seat...oops again I saw both Vikram and Shiva smiling at me sitting in the seventh seat behind the staffs. The staffs sit as a wall between the girls and the boys. After a few stops Thivya and Anu boarded the bus. We all sat together and giggled talking about our new class. Priya boarded in the last stop, she waved at us and sat in the other end.
    We all sat in our new class. It’s a broad class room with three windows on each side of the room. There were 3 columns with 5 rows in each column. The 1st column was occupied by the girls and the rest two columns were the boys. We occupied the last row…ha ha…The last row girls… Our first staff, Mr. Raj gave a bright smile and introduced him. He made everybody to introduce themselves with their objective. Ganesh, the weirdest guy in the class made all nasty jokes and gave a look at the girls for every 10 second interval. God!! I hated him like anything. An office boy interrupted us and told all the students to move to the computer lab to collect their uniforms, books and instruments.
    We giggled and moved and we all stood in a queue to collect the things. Suddenly Priya whispered, hey look at the guy in the first row in the nearby class, he looks awesome…Anu sighed awwww…Priya interrupted he is Ok de not awesome. I leaned back to look at the guy, Oh God, I nearly dropped. It was Vikram and Shiva. I was not sure whom they were talking about. Since they were in uniform, I don’t know how to distinguish and confirm. I stood erect, posing that I am least bothered. But really I did know how fast my heart was beating. We collected our stuffs and went back to our seat.
    In the interval, one of the senior girls called all four of us in to nearby classroom. There were around many girls and boys. We dint know what to do. She gave a strong stare at us and questioned what u girls formed the gang from the very first day ...hah? So what’s your name? Trembling I replied Preethi!! Everybody gave a loud thud of laugh! I wondered what is so funny about my name! One guy from the back, shouted! Ok Preethi enact the preethi Mixer Grinder AD!!! I was startled! It’s none other than Vikram! I couldn’t believe. The senior girl patted his back and said well-done Vikram! And yelled at me Hey do it! I did Weakly and softly I said “ Preethi Vanngha Naan Guarantee”[I guarantee for buying Preethi mixer and grinder]They all laughed all together, Then Vikram screamed again…hello madam do it with actions!!! What is this? Have we come here to see mono acting? My tears were about to fall! I breathed heavily and from nowhere Shiva came in to the scene and said to me, take your friends and go to your class Preethi ! Vikram and the other seniors looked at him startled and nobody spoke a word. I looked at him so gratefully, by that time, my tears were rolling down my cheek. Shiva said, don’t cry and ushered us outside. As I was moving out of the class, I heard Shiva shouting at Vikram on the behavior with the new joinees.
    I sat in my class, thinking about it. My friends teased me on behalf of Vikram and Shiva. I sighed. But somehow, the naughty character of Vikram attracted me. Most of the days I will look for Vikram in the bus or whenever I cross his classroom and almost all the time I will end up seeing 4 eyes ,yah both Vikram’s and Shiva’s. It’s already a month, I always had the rush to talk to Vikram, but somehow I couldn’t. That evening I was speaking with my mom, and carefully I opened the subject about Vikram and my mom exclaimed yah Gayathri’s son …Hows he doing?
    After a chit chat, I took my mom’s phone book and started searching. I found two gayathri! I don’t know which one! I dialed from my landline to one of the Gayathri’s number.A lady picked the phone, I asked tremblingly, is Vikram in home? Astonished! She replied in a stern voice, who are you? I disconnected the phone! My hands were already wet with fear. I sweated. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know what I dialed his number! I was terrified to the maximum thinking, what will happen, if he finds out? Will he embarrass me or what ? what? I got a severe headache! Again I dint sleep properly that night!
    The next day, I didn’t dare to look at him in the bus as well in the college. In the Lunch break, Vikram came to my class, with another guy. He called me out. I started to tremble from my feet, my three friends joined me. I went near him. He introduced the new guys Madhav , to me. I said Hi weakly. Then casually he asked…so Preethi “Did you call my home yesterday”. God!! I stood still, suddenly I couldn’t hear anything. I felt that the world stopped rotating. I wondered how on the world he found that! Priya gave me a shake. I came back to reality. I took a deep breath and with a cold face and tears in my eyes, I replied back, how dare you ask me this? What do you think of me? Do you think I am a girl going after guys? I never expected you to be this cheap!
    Vikram stood stunned without knowing what to do??

    RIDE 3….

    Yelling at Vikram , I rushed to the nearest wash room. I really couldn’t understand how I acted so well. But fear and guilty feeling gripped me so badly. When I came out my four friends convinced me and scolded Vikram so badly. I couldn’t bear those words, but somehow I told them to stop speaking on that topic and headed back to my class.
    In the evening Interval, in the pantry, Vikram came straight to me, and calmly said a simple Sorry. I didn’t reply back. He broke the silence and told me, my mom told that a girl called me, I don’t know why, but I got an instinct that it was you. But never meant to hurt you. I am sincerely sorry. He moved saying this. I stood staring at him dumbfounded. My friends gave a glare at me.
    Next afternoon, whole of our classes were divided in to two batches. Except for Anu, I, Priya and Thivya were in the same batch. We all went inside the lab, but the second year CSE students have occupied already. I saw Vikram and Shiva sitting in the left corner. They departed from the lab, I turned to the opposite direction, so that I don’t have to face them. Our lecturer directed us to occupy any seats; I pulled Priya and took the same seat where Vikram and Shiva were seated.
    Our lecturer started with simple exercises on VB, and when I opened the system, it had many documents saved with Shiva’s name. Then I realized in a hurry I took Shiva’s seat. I cannot tell this to Priya, because I was maintaining a decent image with my friends. Any way now and then I interrupted Priya and peeped in to Vikrams programs and documents. Priya started to notice that I am taking lots of interest on Vikram. I created so many documents and I created my profile with my likes and don’t likes and saved with my name. This I did purely for Vikram to take notice.
    But unfortunately, I started to get disturbances from Ganesh, my class mate. He made rubbish comments when we passed by. He occupied the same computer, as he is in the other batch. He made lots of stupid documents. This started spreading like a wild fire. One fine day, during the lunch break, Vikram , Madhav ,Shiva and 2 more other guys came to our class. They called Ganesh and his friends outside. They had a discussion for few seconds. Once our seniors moved away, Ganesh came straight to me, he shouted, What Preethi! Threatening me with seniors!!hah!!! As of now I will leave it and I will take my revenge at the right time! The moment he moved away, my face brightened and I couldn’t believe that Vikram has started taking interest in me. My friends started to tease. But I strictly told them, that I don’t like these kinds of comments.
    We got a circular, that the fresher’s party is going to happen the coming Friday. The fresher’s party was on the 45th day since our first day. The whole college was on causals, it’s a cool break from our weird uniforms. We had culturals, games, lunch, competitions etc. After lunch, the senior girls called all the fresher girls and gave knitting threads and told us to do rakhi bands. We were confused initially. Then around 4.00 PM, they told us to tie the bands to any guys we want. It was so funny to watch, guys running here and there. We four girls stood watching this and laughing.
    I said, I will tie this band to Ganesh! Priya reacted immediately and said, why you don’t tie it for Vikram. A moment, I suffered from electric shock. But I stood, as if I was least bothered and I replied back, Big deal! If he is ready then I can tie. Not a Problem. I literally prayed to God, that Priya shouldn’t take any adverse steps. But without waiting a second, she ran and called Vikram, who was standing at the other side of the corridor, and called me from there. I didn’t know what to do. I felt, I will run away somewhere. But Anu and Thivya started to scream, hey Preethi, come…come… lets have fun. I felt like that I was having stroke. But we moved near them. Vikram looked confused. Madhav and Shiva stared equally confused.
    Priya screamed, Vikram anna (Vikram Brother), Preethi wants to tie this rakhi for you. Vikram smiled casually, Oh is it…Good then I have got a beautiful sister…he exclaimed! My world really stopped when he uttered these words. I dint speak anything, I dint even look at him, I took the rakhi and tied it in his right hand. I tied it and my hands trembled so violently. Priya mocked at me, why dear your hands are shaking as if, hadn’t taken food for many days.Vikram alleged back, may be Priya …she wouldn’t have got such a handsome brother like me.
    I ran to the washroom. I cried , cried, cried,…That is what I did. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I cursed Priya, I cursed Vikram.I cursed everybody. But in vain. I didn’t speak to anybody in the bus. I was completely out of form. I came to home and slept immediately. My mom woke me in the morning, I excused to take an off to college stating that I was not feeling well. The whole day I was really struggling with emotions. I cried. I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I had no option but to go to college.
    I boarded the bus and I sat near Priya. I didn’t say a word. Thivya and Priya kept on giggling, but I dint speak a word. After some time Priya slipped a book, with a big white paper on it stating ‘Go to Page 45’. I gave a cold stare. But she pointed her finger to the book. Irritated I opened the page 45. Bewildered, I saw the same Rakhi which I tied to Vikram, covered in pink polythene with a small note in it. “I will never accept you as my sister”.
    I….I don’t ….Know….I…what to do….what to react….???!!###&&*&(^%$!!!

    RIDE TO BE CONTINUED……………… :coffee
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    Thanks for sharing. Really Nice One. Please continue.

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    as soon as possible please post the remaining........ stopped in so much suspense
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    Thought to continue myself..

    Hope preedepa excuse me
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    Life is a Ride -Part 4:
    I sat still, without knowing what to do. I squeezed Priya‘ s hands and pulled her
    near me and whispered in her hear ,‘who gave this to u‘? She gave a loud laugh. I
    urged her to be quiet and tell the story. We leaned on the bus seat, and Priya with
    a bright smile on her face narrated.
    ‗ Vikram called me yesterday during the lunch break. Shiva was not there but
    Madhav was along with him. He enquired me, why you were absent today? Then he
    gave this book to me and told me not to open this and also he insisted me to give
    this to you only in the bus, as he wants to see your reaction.‘But anyway , we all saw
    what was inside the book yesterday itself de!!!
    Aiyoooooo….I couldn‘t control myself. I felt like jumping. But this time I failed to
    maintain my reaction in the face. I was very sure that Vikram would have realized
    the relief and happiness in my face. I kept a smiling face, wondering how the
    college‗s most handsome boy started taking interest in me.
    All four of us went inside the classroom and got seated in our last desk. Unusually,
    the window near us was closed completely. The fan above us is a name sake fan, so
    Anu went near the window to open it. The moment she took the latch out, the guys
    at the other end screamed. They blasted in some unknown words, and Ganesh
    shouted, if anybody tries to open that window, their hand will be gone. (The boys
    wanted to close the window, as it was near the corridor. So they get caught as the
    Principal or the staffs often peeps through that)
    I was sure that Ganesh spoke some very very bad word and got outraged. I walked
    straight to the window and I pushed Anu aside and I opened the big window wide
    open. I turned back and leaned myself in the wall and I folded my hands and kept
    my legs crossed in a very stylish position and gave a glare at the boys.
    All my friends were stunned and the whole class was clam looking at me. Sensing
    the stillness of the classroom, suddenly a fear gripped me. But no matter what, I
    didn‘t show that in my face. Ganesh came straight to me. He was so huge and tall,
    the moment he came near me, I looked so tiny, and I was only till his chest. He gavean ugly smile and told me, it would just take seconds to throw you out. I sighed, and
    I gave a cruel hatred smile at him and I barked back, I would use those few
    seconds of time to give a tight slap to you and the rest of the 3 years you have to
    spend your days , as a coward who got a tight slap from a girl.
    The whole class was stunned at my words. But only God knows how violently I was
    trembling and how badly I was choked with fear. He gave a cold look at me and
    shouted, so the seniors are backing you lady, that is the reason behind your
    boldness. I replied back, Shut your mouth. Between, our lecturer Mr. Raj came
    inside our class. Immediately we all got seated in our seats. My friends were
    awestruck at my boldness and I was so proud of that.
    I was in Cloud Nine –thinking about Vikram ‗s refusal on Rakhi and Victory over
    Ganesh and I hardly listened to the class. We didn‘t take any notes and all four of
    us were giggling. Suddenly Mr. Raj came to our last row and we didn‘t notice that at
    all, as we were busy teasing each other. He roared, Preethi, what is happening
    there, and show me your notes? Oops, the note book that I had on my desk was
    Civil Note Book. But Raj deals with Engineering Drawing. All four of us stood up
    with our heads down. Raj gave a look at my notebook and threw it outside. I
    couldn‘t believe what had happened. He told all four of us to stand outside the
    class room. God, this has never happened in my life. What a shame. We all stood
    near the door. Ganesh‘s friends and most of the girls who likes Ganesh gave a
    sarcastic smile at us. The same moment Shiva and Vikram crossed our classroom. OOOh God!!! Why on
    earth! This happens to me. I urged my friends not to look left and right. Once they
    crossed us, I slowly turned right to see Vikram.Oops he immediately turned back,
    and gave a mocking laugh at me. Chaa……I hate this….always I get caught!!!!
    Again after sometime I turned right to see Vikram……but this time it was Shiva
    who turned back….It‘s worse than the earlier!!!
    Now a circular came, it‘s nothing but the …Timetable for the
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    Life is a Ride - Part-5:
    I hardly studied anything. My mom was pampering me with Tea and snacks to aid
    me to study well. But all the while, I enjoyed the hot tea and kept dreaming.
    Whatever the questions, I came across; I just thought I will study it in the bus.
    The next day, in the bus, we four kept giggling and teasing each other. Often we
    received cold vibes from other students, who were sincerely reading for the
    exams. We confirmed out exam halls and I was thrilled, when I heard that we will
    be sitting with the seniors for the exams. Except for Anu, all three of us were in
    the same hall. I was sure that, both Vikram and Shiva will be sitting with us, since
    we fall in the lower part of the alphabets. Keeping fingers crossed, we appeared in
    the exam hall, leaving our bags outside.
    The hall was occupied with 4 columns and 10 rows. The 1st column for 1year, 2nd one
    for 2nd year and 3rd and 4th year thereon. Who bothered about 3rd and 4th year? I
    walked so coolly, as if I was a studious girl, thinking only about the exam paper.
    (But honestly, I was praying sincerely so that Vikram should sit next to me). We
    walked looking on the numbers written on the desk. I saw my number and the desk
    next to me was empty. I still had hope. Priya sat behind me and Thivya sat at the
    dead last seat. I kept turning back and made gestures to Priya and Thivya. The
    invigilator gave a bang on her table and gave a cold stare at me. Immediately, I sat
    still without making any motion.
    It was exactly 9.58 AM, Shiva and Vikram came in to the class. They walked
    checking the numbers on the desk and Vikram passed crossing me. My jaw dropped.
    Oh God!! Why I am so unfortunate and the most ..most…unfortunate thing is Shiva
    sat parallel to me. Ayooo!! Without showing expressions, I turned to the other end,
    staring at the wall. Priya kicked my chair and I turned back, she gestured with her
    eye brows to look at Thivya. To Break my heart more Vikram sat parallel to Thivya
    and to pierce me more , he was chatting with her with full smile. I turned back and
    suddenly I felt more jealous on Thivya.

    The invigilator distributed the question paper and the answer sheet. Now and then
    my eyes met with Shiva‘s and I will give a ugly smile at him without knowing how to
    react. The next shock is when I saw the question paper. I have never even heard
    about the terms mentioned in the question paper. I kept staring at the question
    paper, but Shiva already completed the first page in the answer sheet.
    God!!! I wrote my number and I wrote the question. I didn‘t know what to write
    more. I have never been like this during my school times, I felt so ashamed of
    myself. Since its periodicals, it was 1 hour and 30 minutes examination. Somehow I
    pushed one hour. I struggled so much and I completed 4 pages. It was just 10
    minutes more, suddenly the CSE department HOD came inside our hall. He peeped
    in to the students papers. He came near Shiva and took his paper in his hands, he
    gave a glance and appreciated him….Good Going Boy and gave him a pat.
    But all of a sudden, he pulled my paper. I was shocked and suddenly most of my
    body went numb. He gave a look and told me , see lady, you should at least write
    minimum of 10 lines in a single page. You shouldn‘t write 5 lines in a page and waste
    the paper. As I expected, the whole exam hall roared with laughter and Vikram
    laughed as if he will fall down from his desk…..
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    Wow, Very nice start by Pradeepa, and rosy your continuation is excellent.....
    Pradeepa and rosy, when can we expect the next part?
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    Life is a Ride - RIDE-6

    I was embarrassed to the maximum. I took my bag and moved along with Priya and
    Thivya. The same moment , Shiva called me, with surprised eyes, I looked at him
    and I saw Vikram standing next to him, posing as if , he couldn‘t control the
    laughter still. Shiva spoke convincingly; don‘t worry about our HOD‘s comments. You
    prove your worth, in the next exams. Never take this to you heart and put yourself
    Though I couldn‘t bear Shiva‘s gyaan, I posed as if I was mesmerized with Shiva‘s
    words. I could sense Vikram becoming restless, the moment I started listening
    with interest to Shiva. I was very happy. This is all I want, I thought. I was not
    ready to lose this opportunity.
    I spoke back softly, you know what Shiva? You are my inspiration from day one. I
    was so amazed, how a person can be so humble despite of so many achievements
    and you are one among the billons. Shiva blushed and Vikram ‗s cute face went
    small. I continued, also , I took your seat intentionally in the computer lab, just
    because, I admire you so much. The moment I said this, Vikram‘s face darkened
    badly and he excused himself and moved away.
    I felt a glorious victory. The moment Vikram moved away, I felt so satisfied and I
    said to Shiva , Ok thanks for your kind words and I moved away. Without realizing
    that the words that I spoke will change my life upside down, I make a triumphant
    walk towards my friends, feeling much satisfied that I have taken revenge on
    I really worked hard and prepared for the rest of the papers very well and I
    wrote well. The periodicals was done peacefully .But for the first exam paper, I
    scored in all the other examinations very well. Now and then Shiva used to enquire
    to me about my marks.
    The first semester nearly came to a closure with lot of colorful incidents and then
    the Study Holidays started. Our college was so generous and we got 14 days of
    Study Holidays. The first seven days, I studied like a mad girl. Then I got bored,
    so Priya, Me and Anu planned to meet at Thivya‘s house for combined studies.
    Only Priya had one Black SUNNY. Me and Anu had our good old Lady Bird cycles.
    So Priya picked Anu and came to my home. I waved bye to my mom and I started
    the vehicle. It nearly took us five minutes to start the vehicle and Priya sat behind
    me and Anu sat at the end. So it was triples…………Oh God!!! That was awesome. The SUNNY with heavy sound, tore the winds and
    moved. We shouted, sang songs and we were all flying high. Suddenly from
    nowhere, a BAJAJ PULSAR zroooooooooomedddddddd crossing us like a wind. The
    sudden drift, shook all three of us. It‘s none other than, Ganesh and his two
    He rode the bike, front , back, left, right. I was quiet shaken. The SUNNY gave
    lot more bad noise and those stupid‘s teased us. Anu got so scared and told to stop
    the vehicle, even I was scared. But Priya screamed back, if we stop, he will think
    that we are coward. Go Preethi…Go……it was a worse road; the highway department
    had piled stones on both sides of the road to reshape the road.
    As I feared, suddenly Ganesh rode his bike close to us and he gave a short close
    cut…..The next moment I lost my complete control and our SUNNY ran straight to
    the piles of stones. It gave a heavy screech….and banged on the
    stones…flat…….both Priya and Anu they rolled behind and I and the SUNNY lied
    twisted on the piles of stones.
    By God‘s grace none of us were severely hurt, but in the heights of anger , I gave
    a glare at Ganesh. With laughter he stopped his Pulsar near me. Anu and Priya ,
    rubbing the dust in their hands walked slowly towards me. Ganesh extended his
    ugly hands…Come on Priya …Hold my hand…I will lift you up!!!! He chuckled…The
    next moment; out of my extreme fury…I took the hot, and gave a
    clear straight throw at his head. Little droplets of blood sprinkled and he shouted
    aaaammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..and kept his hands on the head….
    Before he completed his shout , I took the next stone and gave a second
    throw….now I missed the target, It gave a hit on his BIG watch…..the glasses of
    the watch sprinted everywhere….His friends got down from the bike…screaming
    I waited no more. Anu and Priya stood still stuck seeing what is happening. I took
    the SUNNY back on stand; it was also scratched in all places, and cried at Anu and
    Priya to jump on the vehicle. My salwar was completely torn and my knee and ankle
    was bleeding. With fiery eyes and tears on it, I drove the vehicle in full speed,
    without knowing where we were going……
    Our heart beats were beating fast and after sometime, I couldn‘t drive as my
    hand started to pain heavily. All three of us were completely choked with
    uttermost fear and the scream of Ganesh banged in our ears again and again. We
    ran to a local hospital and I got dressed up. Thankfully Anu and Priya were not hurt
    at all. My beautiful dress has now become useless. I felt like hanging Ganesh.

    Then Priya drove us to Thivya ‗s house. I somehow hid all the wounds with my
    dupatta, and said hi to Thivya ‗s mom and moved in to her room. All 4 of us sat
    quietly. I didn‘t know, how I will face my mom. She will be heart broken , if she
    hears about this. We sat together and cursed Ganesh with all the words we knew.
    Then I took one of Thivya‘s new dresses and went back to my home and I somehow,
    escaped from my mom‘s eyes without showing the bruises and made up some stories
    that we exchanged our dresses.
    After …2 days, my mom called me, and told me Vikram is on the phone. I was
    shocked, but my mom‘s face looked happy. I feebly said ‗Hi‘. He asked me, do you
    have the graphs. I got confused!!! Whhhat??? Garaph??? Then I looked at my mom,
    and said, yah yah , I have it….you can collect it whenever you want??? And he
    replied….Ok fine Preethi, I will collect it today evening at your home.Then I hanged
    on the phone.
    I gave a smile at my mom. She sighed!!! Vikram is as sweet as her mother and she
    moved towards the kitchen.I stood still without knowing what to do…. I couldn‘t
    believe that Vikram is coming to my house.
    I ran to my wardrobe and my eyes started to hunt for the best
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    Life is a Ride - RIDE 7:

    I have never been so excited like this in my life before. All of a sudden, I
    thought that I should intimate Priya and should tell her to come to my home
    this evening. I immediately gave her a ring, and narrated her about call with
    Vikram, even Priya was so excited. It was around 4.30 PM, by this time, I have
    already tried all my 11 best dresses and I was not satisfied with anything.
    Finally I choose a lavender shade salwar kameez.
    Then I combed my hair nearly 10 to 15 times, but no matter what, I felt little
    disappointed with the hairstyle. Exactly at 5.15 PM, the calling bell rang, I
    rushed out and I was completely shocked and all my excitement dripped down
    in a second. Three pretty females stood at our step.hmmmmm…yes….my three
    best friends..Anu..Thivya…and Priya.I never expected Anu and Thivya to join
    me that evening. All three of them looked stunning in their beautiful outfits
    and stylish hair styles. The jealous feeling, engrossed me and I was completely
    down. My mom screamed…Oh Pretty ladies and hugged all three of them. I felt
    very bad, as my mom didn‘t complement me at all. Its ok, I convinced myself
    posing a fake smile.
    As we were chatting and laughing, our calling bell gave a cry again. Before I
    couldn‘t get up , Thivya ran to the door and with a beautiful smile she gave a
    warm welcome to Vikram and Madhav.Both of them gave a surprised look at all
    four of us and Vikram gave broad smile to my mom and handed a sweet
    box.Vikram looked very handsome in his causal T-shirt and Jeans. We all sat
    together on the sofa and my mom excused herself to the kitchen for preparing
    the Tea. Vikram hardly looked at me as he was busy answering and smiling at
    my other friends.
    Madhav interrupted…..So Preethi , how‘s your bruises? We were all shocked!
    How did they know about this? I made him to lower his voice, so that my mom
    shouldn‘t hear this? They understood the situation and conversed something on
    labs, Engineering Drawing paper, Graphs etc. Finally Vikram said, we have
    already drawn the sketch for Ganesh. None of us couldn‘t understand what is
    ‗sketch for Ganesh‘?.
    We were all shocked , when Madhav explained that they have planned toambush Ganesh and beat him down and disappear without making Ganesh to
    realize that who did this all. I screamed back that I will not allow this to
    happen and silently and carefully, Priya narrated all the incidents that
    happened on that day and both the guys had a hearty laugh, when they heard
    about the throwing of the stones. Madhav told us that this has spread like a
    wild fire and many of our college mates were talking on this hot topic. Finally
    we convinced them not to take any steps on this matter further and to drop
    this issue to its own silent world.
    My mom served snack and Tea and on the whole, I would have spoken to Vikram
    just 3 or 4 times. I felt irritated with my friends, as they took all the
    opportunities where I was supposed to speak. Finally, at 6.30 PM, Vikram and
    Madhav got up and immediately all my three friends also packed up. I felt so
    annoyed. But I had no other choice but to be a silent spectator. I stood near
    the gate, waving good bye to everybody and Madhav geared his bike and
    Vikram sat behind him .Just before some seconds to accelerate, Vikram
    pushed a book into my hands and sped their bike sped away. All my girls
    followed them waving their hands at me.
    I sat on my bed, thinking, how my evening was spoiled. I took the book given by
    Vikram, it had his name on the top ‗ Vikram – the MAXIMUS‘.I thought he
    should be Russell Crowe‘s fan. I flipped through the pages and suddenly I
    noticed ‗VT‘ written in one of the corner. My wild imagination overpowered
    me…Oh??What is this VT—Vikram ..Thivya…no no can it be??? Or
    maybe Vikram is impressed with Thivya…Oh God…..I couldn‘t calm
    myself….Somehow…I laidback down…and I didn‘t have any strength to flip the
    pages and see any more shocks. So I closed the book and threw it on my table
    with a bang…..a very very tiny card like thing…flapped out from the book.
    Staggered, I took that and gave a close look at that.
    It‘s a very tiny beautiful card. The cover was in sky blue color and from inside
    the cover, popped a pretty card…..It had a girl with a long hat….with a writing
    quoted at the top as ‗ U R CUTE GIRL‘.
    I was flying higher and higher and higher!!!!Suddenly Butterflies were flying
    around me. With color full dreams I had a pleasant sleep that night.
    The next day Priya gave a ring to meet at KINGS BOOK STORE. It‘s the
    famous book store in the town. My dad dropped me in the shop and headedaway. Thivya, Anu and Priya were already waiting for me there.Today also , all
    there were dressed very beautifully and stylishly. The moment I entered
    there, something gave a strong hit in my eyes. It‘s one stupid fly, and I
    squeezed my eyes and my friends helped me to sort it out. My eyes became
    red and most of my kajal had spread out.
    Suddenly Thivya yelled, hey they are here. I turned back and saw Vikram ,
    Madhav and 2 other boys. I gave a shocking look at Priya. Priya coolly replied,
    on the way back home yesterday, they told us that we will meet in this book
    store today. Just for surprise, we didn‘t tell you. I felt like killing Priya. I was
    wearing a normal salwar and on top of that my eyes are reddened and my kajal
    is out.
    Oh God! What a pathetic day!!!I immediately moved to the stationery section.
    I didn‘t even say Hi. Vikram‘s two friends nearly rotated me to see my face. I
    somehow turned the directions here and there, to avoid them. My mind was so
    worried, thinking what will Vikrams friends say? What a girl with ugly eyes?
    Oh they will insist him to choose either Priya or Thivya or Anu instead of me. I
    couldn‘t control my thoughts. It was building up like a ocean.
    Suddenly Vikram came straight to me and alleged, hey preethi …What
    happened to your eyes?? In a shock, I muttered, nothing…I got hit by a fly and
    I moved away.
    I didn‘t speak at all, as I suffered from all kind of inferiority complex and
    after one hour I reached home.
    I sat still looking at my fan and our telephone rang……Neutrally, I picked and
    said Hello!!!! From the other end came a soft voice…Hello ….is Preethi there? I
    am Shiva! Her college mate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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