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Discussion in 'New Member Area' started by Induslady, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Dear New IL'ite,

    A hearty welcome to In this getting started guide, we give you some fun and interesting things to get you going.

    Our Community Guide is an excellent resource that describes all the amazing things you can do in Indusladies. Our Help Section gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do things in Indusladies.

    Together with this getting started guide, these 3 resources is all you need to get the most out of Indusladies.

    In Indusladies, as you contribute, you climb up the Participation Levels. As you reach a new level, you get additional benefits and privileges. So don't wait further and start making your posts.

    1. Introductions and Icebreakers

    When you go to a party, the best way to get started is by introducing yourself and saying a few fun things about yourself. So, go ahead introduce yourself, describe yourself in 1 word and also tell us how you came up with your username.

    We would also love to know how you came to know about the site and your first impression about Indusladies. As a new member, you have fresh perspectives that we want to understand.

    2. Fun Stuff to Unwind

    Taking a break and want something fun to do?

    We have interesting online games that are super fun to play. Also, you can check out the joke for the day or your fortune for today.

    If you are into movies and enjoy news about the Tinsel town, head to our Entertainment section for celebrity gossips, reviews of latest movies and other interesting news. And if you are in the general mood for chit-chat, engage in one of our Community Chit-Chats.

    3. Fun Contests and Cool Gifts

    Our monthly contests are a great way to showcase your talents and express yourself. Participate and have fun and also win thoughtful gifts.

    Did you know that we have an evergreen contest - Finest posts of IL to recognize the valuable posts of our members?

    4. Share your Interests

    For interesting stories, poems and snippets, our Good to Read forums is definitely an amazing hub for you to browse through.

    Looking for ideas for your next craft project or want to showcase your artworks? Our lively Hobbies forum is the perfect stop for you.

    If you have enjoyed the role of being a problem solver in your family or friends circle, do checkout our Relationships forum and help other women to get out of sticky situations.

    Whether you are a newbie or expert in cooking, you will always find something interesting for your next meal in our Food forums.

    5. Find Answers to your Questions

    Trying to Conceive? Get encouragement and much needed support in our Fertility and Trying to Conceive forum. If you are pregnant, do join our Due Date Clubs and the rest of the Pregnancy forums.

    And wherever you are in your weightloss journey, find a challenge that can motivate you and help you reach your goal in our Health forums.

    Parenting doesn't have to be difficult. Have questions about your kid's nutrition, schooling or general well being? Our Parenting forums are filled with helpful members who offer valuable suggestions.

    All your religious queries, search for rare shlokas and cultural knowledge can be voiced in our dedicated Culture forums. You can join our prayer groups and benefit from the love and support shared there.

    6. New in the City

    If you have moved to a new city or country and have a lot of questions or looking to create a circle of friends, you should definitely checkout our Neighborhoods section. We have dedicated sections for India, USA and the Rest of the World. Find your City, ask your question or share your experience and make new friends.

    Useful Links

    Community Guide
    Help Section

    Keep in Touch

    Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

    Thank you for joining us and don't forget to download your free ebooks.
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