Never Before in Recorded History: Full Moon of Guru 2010

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    Hi all,

    I would like to share this Information, I saw this

    Guru Pournima | Guru Purnima | Guru Purnima 2010 | Guru Poornima
    Felt it will be usefull for all IL.

    Guru Purnima, or the Full Moon of the Guru, is the annual occasion for honoring and expressing our gratitude towards the Guru or the Divine Teacher. While Guru is considered indispensable for spiritual progress, his guidance can also help us handle worldly matters with equal ease.

    Guru Purnima falls on July 24, EDT (July 25, IST). This day is significant for disciples who seek to get initiated by their Guru, students who desire to get the blessings of their teachers, and for everyone who wants to honor persons of great wisdom and learning. This is a rare time to solve unsolved problems.

    As per Siva Nadi Predictions, 2010 is the year numerologically ruled by number 3 (2+0+1+0). Three is the number that signifies Guru and Jupiter. Celebrating Guru Purnima in 2010 (The Year of the Guru) can prove to be an unparalleled blessing of spiritual and other worldly knowledge like the earthplane has never seen. This is the time to follow the footsteps of the Guru, and walk the Siddha Path, or the path of perfected wisdom.

    Power Act 1: Special Initiation and Transmission into the Siddha Tradition - Conference Call with Dr. Pillai (Baba) on Guru Purnima (July 24, 8:30 pm PST/ 11:30 pm EST;July 25, 9 am IST)

    Power Act 2: Identify Your Spiritual Potential - Nadi Reading (Chapter 9) OR 9th House Astrologer Consultation (30 Minutes)

    Power Act 3: Pray to 'Father of Siddha Yoga' Patanjali - Pooja at Ramanathaswamy Temple

    Power Act 4: Chant Guru's Name - Use Energized 108-Bead Crystal Necklace

    Power Act 5: Acquire Siddhi Consciousness - 10,008 Proxy Mantra Writing

    Power Act 6: Receive Highest Blessings - Food and Cloth Donation to Needy at Thiruvannamalai

    Power Act 7: Honor 'Planet of Success' Jupiter - Pooja to Dakshinamoorthy at Alangudi

    Power Act 8: Connect to the Universal Teachers - Grand Fire Ritual to Saptarishi at AstroVed Temple and Fire Lab (LIVE WEBCAST)

    Power Act 9: Appease the Siddhi-granting Goddess - Grand Abishekam to Indraprasadavalli at Maruthadu Temple

    Power Act 10: Propitiate the Queen Mother and the Siddhi Boon Giver - 6 Months of Full Moon Abishekam and Pooja to Lalita at Thirumeichur

    Power Act 11: Pray to the Lord of the Siddha Gurus - Abishekam and Archana to Shiva at Lalgudi


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    That was a great info stressing the importance of Guru Purnima. Atleast we ll try to celebrate from the forthcoming years as I missed it in 2010.

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