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Need Welcome baby game ideas?

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by Sami388, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Sami388

    Sami388 Junior IL'ite

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    Hello Friends,
    I am blessed with a baby girl in Jan 2014. now i am going to throw the Welcome baby/Arrival of new born party in February. This is my 1st experience so i really no idea what kind of game will good for all.
    please suggest
    2)what are good games for "Welcome baby or arrival of our little angle" games for women, men and kids also they enjoy ..

    Thanks for your inputs.

  2. lakshmipriyas

    lakshmipriyas Bronze IL'ite

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    Hai sami,
    Congrats!!!! I have heard from my friends who played in a baby shower function... i want to share those with u... it may help u...
    First game pin your clothes (usual game i think) guests will be pinned each with a cloth pin with some set of rules like should not spill water or food, should not sit with legs crossed etc.. whoever finds anyone breaching the rules have to pluck their pin and pin in their shirts.. Finally the one who is having more pins is the winner

    Jumbled words game- words related with ur family like ur car make, wedding month or words related to new born like nipple, pacifier, baby name...

    Compatibility round with parents about their kid like kid's first travel, first gift, guests in 1st b'day....

    Concerning ur guests list u can make whichever suits...

    Take care... Happy motherhood... my wishes to baby...
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