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need urgent help, pls advice.

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by radhikaraj, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. sunitha

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    Dear Radhika

    I am really surprised by the fact that so many are advising you to go back and make a compromise with that husband of yours.A man who has the cheek to call you by your sister's name and then say that it came by mistake thru' his mouth-frankly,I wouldn't trust such a guy.It only means he is thinking of your sister all the time for him to use her name so unconsciously!

    Now,he has the nerve to lay down such conditions,making you look like a total slave in front of him.Further,why should you leave your parents for good? Will he do the same from his end?I am sure the answer to that question is 'no'.

    Please,take charge of your life.This guy is surely not meant for you.Get a job and lead a life,please!
  2. Kavta

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    Dear Radhika why do you want to go back to such a life again?? It seems enough of misery you had received from there. Life is not only living with husband no matter how he treats you. Stop worrying about what relatives think about you and all stuff. They simply keep talking however you are ,even if you are with your husband living happily, people still get things to talk on your back, now that you are feeling bad for something they get a chance to talk on your front as long as you lend them an ear for.
    Atleast from now start thinking about yourself. Its only YOU who has to live your life. Go out and start learning something for living on your own. How can you trust a man who calls you by other girl name!
    If he really miss you atleast for all the house chore work you did and fr the way you looked after him, he will get back to you.If not , then why waste your life and time about such unfaithful creature in this world?
    The only thing I suggest you should be doing now is, try not to get any of your past life memories and keep yourself always busy with something useful to you.
    Wish you all the best.Be sportive enough to take life as it comes. Never regret for what you did because you are not wrong. Start thinking about building a career for yourself so that you can have a busy new life which keeps you away from these bad memories. All the best Radhika.TakeCare.
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