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Need suggestions - what to buy for family back in India from US?

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by asks, May 18, 2007.

  1. asks

    asks New IL'ite

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    hi all,
    eventhough i am a new il ite i have been a regular visitor of il and this forum for some time. we relocated from india to us juat a year back, and i am going to india for vacation now. problem now is what to buy as gifts as i have a huge family. i have 6 brothers and their family and also 1 bil and 1 sil.
    my first problem is i can't buy different things for each one as u all aware, it will create problems when they meet up. at the same time i can't take 8 same things as i might have problems with customs. my second problem is i don't want to take usual jackets, shoes, perfumes which we get it in india itself and also my people are not so brand crazy and also they are all working in govt. offices so you know how their interests will be like. given a choice i would like to buy digital cameras and also handycams which my brothers will never buy since they r so expensive. but since i can't carry 8 pieces of samething, i can't take it. but i wan't to take them something which will be really useful forthem.
    my hubby suggested why can't u buy all in india and tell them u got it from us and gift them. but i am afraid to do that because if my brothers come to know that they will feel affended. so i am asking all of u ladies what you would have done if u were in my place. please suggest .
    i am eagerly waiting for ur replys
    (i have decided to buy corals n jades for all sil's)
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  2. gokusha

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    Re: step into my shoes and help me -need suggestions-

    Hi Asks,
    I'm also in same stage.I came last May...now in August going to India to attend my BIL wedding..

    As you said corals, pearls are cheap..for ladies that suite well .

    For gents, if you are not particular that all the giftshould be same,can get webcam who has computers in their home...If in IT field you can get them USB, Hard drive...etc., which is cheap here than in India.

    Let me tell mine, i got for my uncle and dad tools(sears)as they have mechanical shop, for my cousin, some sterling set, for my MIl and new SIL(wedding gift)planning to get pearls set from Edison.

    For my Both BIL we got MP3 player and digital camera,brother - webcam.
    Incommon for FIL, brother and BILs we got t-shirt in sale.

    Instead of telling the gift is from U.S and getting in India doesn't seems to be a good idea. If any Diabetic elder, you can take Sugreefree(Equal).Orelse get lot of chococlates bags for all, get Gift from India,mentioning that you couldn't choose a perfect one due to lack of time,take them to a good restaruant enjoy the dinner with all together.

    Even $shops help us sometime, we get lot many things as per Indian taste, you can get washing machine cover(homemakers), good learning books-kids(number, shape, size), definitely they are worth.With nice quality and print we are getting for 1$(Indian rupee41rs).

    If i get some other apart from this, let me send you again.

    Hope it would be helpful to you in some way.
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  3. pavithrasriram

    pavithrasriram Bronze IL'ite

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    Re: step into my shoes and help me -need suggestions-

    hi asks,
    i suggest u buy mp3 players, ipods and digi cams and i guess all these would be relatively same price.prolly mp3 players will be less.u can buy different stuff of the same price and give them.
    coral and pearls are a great idea for ur sil's and also dollar shops help quite a bit sometimes so have a gud look around.
    sometimes u find handy things in dollar shops as well.

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