Need Suggestions Regarding Work and Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by sravugarimella, Jul 30, 2007.

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    Hi All,

    I am 9 weeks into my pregnancy and joined a new job a month ago. After 2 weeks of my joining I came to know that I was pregnant and adviced my Manager accordigly. Although he was helpfull, I felt a bit embarrassed because I was a new employee. Since then I had to take atleast a day off in Sick per week due to my nausea and tiredness.

    Anyway this week I booked a whole week off as I had to go to the emergency this weekend due to some spotting. I feel so guilty of taking time off work, but I dont want to take any chances with my pregnancy too. Can anyone please suggest how can I get rid of my guilt and be confident. This is not helping me at all:(

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    Congratulations to you on your pregnancy!!

    Regarding your Leaves, office, manager..dont think too much and Its more important for you to take proper care of yourself, as you mentioned you had spotting,which is not a good symtom in pregnancy, you need to be extra careful.Nausea is very common during early pregnancy and will go as you pregress second semester. you can consult your doctor who can prescribe you some medicine to control that.

    find out the maternity policy with your HR and don't feel guilty about taking leaves. I hope People in ur office must be understanding and will co-operate,don't think too much.

    any other worrys or problem you may have, do write in, my personal email id is

    take care

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