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Need suggestions plzzzz

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by jignasha27, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. jignasha27

    jignasha27 Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi all,
    I need some suggestions from all you experienced ladies. Am on H4 in US. Don't have any job experience in India. So no exposure to job field. Want to start learning something new but confused where to start. My educational background is commerce but it was some 10 yrs back so even that too I have to start from begining. Am thinking of IT field....by learning some language with the help of my DH.

    Let me tell you short story from where all this began. Ok so DH wants me to get independent. After many lectures from him( he gets really serious about this) I want to take a step. But don't know where to start....ok after I learn a computer language my main problem is "JOB". I don't even have experience about cooperate world. How do I overcome all these thoughts. I have 3 yr old boy. I spend whole day taking care of him. DH travels travels by metro for job( 1 hr) so no help from him with kid or any other things....but he is really tired of me not being independent....he said he is ready to encourage me and teach me...my problem is different. I don't have confidence in myself. The moment I open my mouth to speak with strangers my voice automatically gets low and I struggle a lot....

    Sorry for long post.plzzz ladies encourage me and give few suggestions...
    Thank you.

  2. shruthisp

    shruthisp Gold IL'ite

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    First of all please write down your strengths, weakness, what do u want to do and what will suit to you based on your current situation etc in a piece of paper..
    Browse through your options, job profiles, needed skillsets, challenges in that field etc..
    After analyzing every aspect, check if you need to undergo any training/course/ degree to equip yourself to handle job on your own...
    Dont start something because someone else wants you to do eventhough its your H..
    you would need the motivation from within not from outside..

    All the best..

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