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need some suggestions....to prevent sickness!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by Anushiv, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Anushiv

    Anushiv Senior IL'ite

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    Hi Ladies,

    When ever ( & almost every year) we go to India... & my children fall sick.
    They'll suffer from cold/fever/stomach ache /loose motion etc.
    And every visit we see a pediatrician & my holiday ends up by taking care of them..
    Shortly, I'll be going again to India to attend a function.. hopefully,at least this time I should refrain from seeing a doctor!
    I know, the water is the culprit...but
    I thought u ladies can give some useful tips & suggestions...

  2. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    hello anu

    ya you are right
    water is the culprit
    but not the way you think

    the immune system of
    people who settle down abroad
    is pretty low compared to ours
    we get drenched in the rain
    eat at roadside
    drink any water
    (nowadays we are also following the bottle)
    and dont get sick
    at the drop of a hat
    or even if we do
    it is not
    of vomitting
    fever, cold diarrhoea etc...
    we get one at a time...

    why does it happen to visiting friends..?
    it is because the more you take to
    refined, unpolluted atmosphere with the help of chemicals
    all pesticides or fertilizers used
    even if it is under the necessary limit...
    people abroad take cola instead of water
    when they come here saying our water
    is full of germs...what does cola or bottled drinks have?

    how to keep clear of health problems when you come
    prepare yourself and kids atleast fifteen days in advance
    wake up early..!
    breath deep for ten mins
    just breathing in and out will do in fresh air.
    kids too..
    see that you clear your bowels everyday
    preferably in the morning
    take more fibre in your diet if you dont
    clear everyday..
    bathe in cold water or just luke warm
    in the morning and evening
    cut down on breakfast
    take fruits instead
    or if you must have then take one or two
    idlies or dosas
    no cereals
    lunch with salads and some rice
    evening with light drink of juice
    night with may be one or two chappathis
    and subji...
    no inbetween snacks like chips or other fried items
    guess this will work...

    and when in india try to follow same routine
    a day at the function and eats wont do any harm
    provided you take more light food the next day
    but remember if you are constipated the other things that you said will follow
    so the real culprit is constipation and our sedentary and eating habits...

    try this once if you can and i am sure you will go speak loud to everyone to follow the same....!

  3. Anushiv

    Anushiv Senior IL'ite

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    Hi Sathya,

    Thanks for ur detailed reply....!

    I've noticed all ur posts are elaborate:)
    keep going!
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  4. kuttimayil

    kuttimayil New IL'ite

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    hi friends,

    Even the same thing was happening to us every time we visit India, for the last 10 years. while we tried all brands of water bottles, we all used to get cough, cold and fever.

    now I am using the same metrowater, but I put the water in Hindustan Lever Pure it and filter it after that use the same for drinking and cooking purposes. last time, we didn't get any sickness. May be next time u visit India, try to use mostly filtered water wherever u go carry a bottle.

    wish u good health in India.

  5. Vini K

    Vini K Bronze IL'ite

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    Please give your children boiled water when you are in India,atleast for the first ten days.By then,they will adjust to the climate there and from then on you can give them filtered water.I would also suggest getting an Aquagaurd installed at either your mother or inlaws place so that wherever you travel,you can take that water especially for the children.We have lived abroad for more than 5 yrs now and when we go to india,we have installed aquagaurd at my inlaws place,so we don't have any problems.My daughter has been fine all the times we have been to India.

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