Need help with resources or links in moving to NZ

Discussion in 'Indians in New Zealand' started by Jaishree123, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Dear All

    We have got our permanent residence in NZ. currently we are staying in Botswana.

    I would need your help in some of the following areas

    1. best time to move to NZ (climatic condition wise). we are planning to arrive in auckland first ( we are a family of 4, 2 kids). we do not want to move when it is extremely cold as the kids might fall sick.
    2. Best time to search for a some year of the time the recruitment is more and some part of the year..the market will be pls advise us which month to come so that we get the maximum no.of opportunities.
    3. where to stay. please suggest us some contacts or links to find initial accomodation (1bedroom kitchen is what we are looking for basically...considering that we will be on tight budget until we find a job)
    4. we are ready for paying guest accomodation also initially for a month
    5. me and my hubby have been applying for jobs on seek and tradmejobs but most of them respond in negative saying that they prefer local candidates.
    6. if you know of any contacts or links who can provide job guarantee consultancy service and charge like first salary of the month. ( I have heard about such agencies in Australia..but need help in finding them in NZ)
    7.also if any of you have business, and provide us initial employment with a reasonable salary to feed 4 members we would be greatful to you. me and my partner are in software industy I have 8 years exp. in .net side and my husband is a pre-sales consultant with more than 11 years exp.
    8.also, any specific things to carry when moving to NZ. south indian groceries which are not availble..mixer, grinder.

    all NZ ilites pls pour in your valuable suggestions.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Jaishree,

    I shall try to answer to some of your questions.

    Best to move to NZ is after september when its summer here. Winter starts by june.
    Job oppurtunities are more if you are here in NZ.
    Its better if you bring a mixer or grinder if you prefer making batter for dosa or idly.
    I am sorry i dont have much knowledge about job consultancies.

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