Need diet plan and exercise routine for weight loss while breastfeeding

Discussion in 'Post Pregnancy Care' started by beingmommy, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Hi all,
    I don't know if the above thread already exists, if so pl direct me there.
    I had my normal delivery on 10 Aug and being pre-diabetic, I had to be on insulin and diet during my entire pregnancy. After delivery was advised to stop insulin. But for past 3weeks my sugar levels are showing high and I started following my diabetic diet, and this is effecting my milk production as well as energy levels. I just don know how to manage my sugar levels while breastfeeding my baby. Pl advise me with diet plan which doesn't effect energy levels and milk supply and do not increase sugars. I started walking for 15 min after lunch (this was advised by my diabetologist long back to decrease post lunch sugars) and 15 mins on cross trainer in the evenings. I'm intended to increase the workout duration slowly but with this exercise itself m feeling tired, sleepy n weak. I do cooking along with taking care of both my kids, got a maid for household chores and also got a very much supporting hubby. I wanna enjoy my motherhood with proper health. So pls suggest me good diet and exercise routine.
    P.S : Ill be visiting my diabetologist this weekend.

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