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Need career related advice?

Discussion in 'Education & Personal Growth' started by PetiteFashionB, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. PetiteFashionB

    PetiteFashionB Senior IL'ite

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    Hi all ,

    I am 31 and PG in technical.Havent had much career life thanks to my husband.

    I always wanted to grow up but emotions made me weak all time andikept quiting my job/career/education all the time to hold my family life and in turn stayed in depression all the time.
    I am in US,on H1b,worked for sometime.Now out of job for a year,i went for COS to H4.Lawyer said i could have some problems and no entry to US blah blah.I got into hands of some stupd desi consultants who took all the money and never showd right way.

    Now i have filed for COs but want to wakeup and do something for my self.
    My husband never suffered or harmed his career or hobbies or interests for me.He is impotent and i was too desparate too start a family and he never went for a doctor.Bastard....

    So i dont know in future i will get rid of him probably.I lost my everything to him.

    Is this right age to start Phd in US?i mean i am 31 already.
    Is there any job scene after phd that takes 4-6 yrs.

    IF my H4 CO gives problems can i go to student visa.

    Please show me the way ,i am so much confued ,i cant think of right way.
    Because of so much career gap,its difficult to start in india atleast.Atleast in US, it dont have to face people and answer my unemployment and failed marriage much.

  2. GiJoe

    GiJoe Silver IL'ite

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    There is no age limit to studying especially when you are in USA so don’t bother about your age, there is always opportunities you have to just be at the right place at the right time, no one can guarantee you a job you have to find the job so do your research on the demand for Ph.D. on the subject you are going to study.

    When you change your status to H4 there will be no problem if you don’t intend to travel outside the USA, if you want to travel outside USA you have to first go to India and get your H4 visa stamped on your passport.

    Advantages of H4:

    If you are in H4 you don’t have to be enrolled as a full time student, you can study at your own pace, but if you change to a student visa you have to be enrolled full-time as a student.

    Disadvantages of H4:

    You will not be able to get OPT (Optional Practical Training) when you finish your course, you have to find an employer to sponsor your H1B.

    Advantages of Student Visa (F1):

    You get to work on OPT after completion of your course (1 year)

    Disadvantage of Student Visa (F1):

    You have to become a full time student.

    I am sorry to hear about the troubles you are facing with your DH, why is he not seeking help to rectify the problem?
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2010
  3. goodfreind

    goodfreind Senior IL'ite

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    Hey no worries
    if you have h1..you can try QA testing jobs lot there...
    In consultant do not tell everything they take advnt of that

    am not consultant you see. i have another thread for easy jpb ... QA traing etc

    If you k for QA i can help you ....just sepdnt some weeks then attend int ..2 or 3 int you will get
    then you gud life b happy

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