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    Respected Astrologers,

    I am a married housewife with a baby boy of 5 months. I love my husband and we respect each other a lot but due to small issues and for no reasons we indulge in a major fight which creates a negative atmosphere for few hours and maybe sometimes for a day or two but after that everything comes back to normal. I am sure it is related to planets and i have a feeling that vedic astrology has some solution for this.

    1. Can you please suggest some remedy or any reasons which is causing all the above problems.
    2. Please suggest our compatibility with our son or anything we can do for him to make his future better.

    I have provided the details as below.

    My Details :

    D.O.B is 21st February 1987
    Time : 8:58 PM (20:58)
    Place of Birth : Muzaffarnagar
    Current Location : New Delhi

    My Husband Details :

    D.O.B is 1st March 1983
    Time : 8:45 PM (20:45)
    Place of Birth : New Delhi
    Current Location : New Delhi

    My Son Details :

    D.O.B. is 17th August 2012
    Time : 5:22 PM (17:22)
    Place of Birth : New Delhi
    Current Location : New Delhi

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