Naadi Josiyam

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    VERY INTERESTING THREAD. Thanks Ramya for starting it.
    Now can someone tell me where do these naadi jyosir are in India?

    Are you all talking about the ones in Kanchi?
    If yes, then one of my Uncles had a very good experience. All the predictions my uncle says have come out true.
    I wonder how can they tell so accurately. Do they get some boon kind of thing after long meditations and I am interested to know if there is someone doing tapasya nowadays??

    Life is such a mystery...

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    This is a very interesting aspect of life that we all would like to know and understand what is forthcoming. If it is good we are happy if it is bad we are disappointed.

    Actually Naadi is a very precise and meticulous prediction of prasna margam. One has to ensure that one has complete faith in the almighty and seek to verify and validate a prashna that one has. My personal experience is very instructive in fact. You really do not have to go to a Naadi Jois....if you are destined to hear of a Naadi reading when the appropriate time comes you will automatically find yourself in a situation where you will ask / meet the authentic naadi reader. As I said earlier - You should have faith in the almighty.

    Authentic naadi readings are very accurate -one can ask prashna to act or counteract and verify what the Naadi reading says. There are no repercussions to it. As a rational human being you can ask a question and you can upon hearing the solution ask for pariharams etc. You can validate the question by asking what if situations. It depends on the way one asks the question as well as the dimenour of the individual.
    Naadi is very valuable in guiding the future of the particular individual.

    I have had several had personal readings for firends as well as family as well has for myself. In all circumstances it has been very helpful in guidance. As a practical rational person having faith in the ways of the almighty it is valuable guidance one has to have and one should be able to bear the good news with the bad news - for all is but a way of the destiny written for each soul to unfold.

    I am sure most people have their experiences but remember the fundamental aspect is that Naadi is valuable only if you have faith in the ways of the almighty.
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    There is a Kausika Agasthiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Tambaram, Chennai.

    Here are the details.
    Address - It is near Philip's hospital, New State bank colony.

    You need to be there by 8:30 am as that's when they start taking the finger prints. They would ask you the place you're coming from and if there is more than one person in your party they will assign numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

    Fees - Rs 325/- per individual for Kandams 1-12, Rs 300 for reading Kandams 13, 14. If they are unable to find your olachuvadi, you don't have to pay any money. But sometimes you would need to wait till the end of the day or come again the next day, so be prepared for a long wait until they pick up your olai and call the name of the place you're coming from and the corresponding number.

    They would record the readings in a cassette for you to play back later. They would also give you a book in which they write down the predictions - past, present and future. In my case I found the predictions of the past and present correct. They would also tell you who you were in your past birth and what all good/bad things you did then to merit a rebirth.

    Pariharams would be mostly about visiting Temples near Chennai and doing Archanai there. Personally I believe that doing stotra japam ourselves is a better way of reducing our bad karma, rather than asking some archaka to do it for you. But who can say for sure which way God's will and favour works? Great men have said that it's the faith that matters.
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    There is this nadi astrologer in Thrisoor district.My mother is very sceptical about all these but she went along with her friends & as usual had her thumb print taken. She was asked to come back after 7 days. When she went,nadi jolsyar started reading from Olaicchuvadi.He even mentioned that she had a brother who died an infant which was amazing. Then mentioned about the children,that is me & my sister and our respective professions.
    Then he asked her whether she has any problem which is disturbing her.She replied that there is an ancestral property which is undergoing a legal problem because of the tenant`s refusal to vacate for nearly 18-20 years.He advised her to do few parihaarams & left it at that.
    My mother dis those poojais in the following 3-4 months. You will not believe,after about 3 months,our advocate calls up & says that the court has given a positive verdict on our property & the tenants are issued a notice to vacate immediately. A month after that we got a good buyer for the land too.So,there are good nadi guys too.
    I was also asked to do some poojas through my mother. I have been able to complete only 2 of the 4 he suggested through my mother.
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    I have never really beleived in all this in my life. Until recently, when one of my thoughts crossed this. I dont know why, but something keeps on telling me to check this out soon. I have been throught quite some turmoils recently, and I am unsure if it was these that are making me think this way or it is some divine message I am hearing. However, it is true that in the past, whenever i need to do something out of my nature, i have heard such messages and heeding to them has helped. Even now, I opened IL as I do always, and just happened to scroll through without any particular motive. This is my first post in the religion and spirutuality forum by itself. Wondering why all this happens? Co-incidence or message.

    Recent days, I have been thinking a lot about going to naadi joshiyam. I dont know....Let us hope for the best.
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    hi friends,

    those who have been to the naadi josiyarr in this thread whether good or bad mention their names and locations as well to benefit the others.

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    This sounds quite interesting. Can you pl give the details of "kakabhujander nadi Josiyar".

    Thx a ton in advance.

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    Re: Personal experience

    Hi Mrs.Ramya,

    Iam Parimala. I have also seen naadi for my whole family. As you said, can we go there and ask rishi for any particular problem? I mean, as said in naadi, there is only 22 days left for my job issue. But there is nothing happening like that till now. I hope you can understand my words. otherwise, can you give me your mail ID? I could ask you personly.


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    Naadi Astrology - a true story

    Dear All,
    Welcome to this thread on Naadi astrology.
    You may believe in Naadi astrology or may not - but you can not ignore it.
    In this thread, I would like to discuss my experiences - 'kandadhum kettadhum' - for the benefit of all of us. I am sure many of us would like to participate with their own experiences / views.
    More the merrier.

    Naadi Astrology


    Nadi or Naadi Shastra or Palm leaf Astrology is an ancient Indian method of recording data. It is believed that by reading through the writings on these leaves one can learn about one's past, identify the present and predict the future. It is said that thousands of years ago, the great sages of India had the power to look into the past and future of the entire universe. It is believed that they done this and recorded the life of each human being who has lived, is living and of some one who is yet to be born. These predictions were written on palm leaves in an ancient Tamil script, which can now only be deciphered by expert Nadi astrologers.

    Naadi in Tamil means "in search of". It is believed that an individual goes in search of his details of his past and seeks to know more of the unknown future. Hence it is a search. These palm leaf inscriptions are scattered throughout India. Some of these inscriptions can be found in Tamil Nadu. These ancient scripts were standardized, ordered and classified in Tamil Nadu nearly 1000 years ago during the reign of the Cholas in South India. There are a number of Nadis who are named after the rishis. They are the Agasthiya Naadi, Suka Naadi, Brahma Naadi, Kaushika Naadi and others. There are only a few Naadi readers available who can interpret the inscriptions that are written in poetic Tamil.
    Each Naadi or set of leaves is made up of ola or palm leaf, written in Vatta ezhuthu, a Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezhuthani. Rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions preserves the palm leaves. These palm leaves are still preserved in the Saraswati Mahal Library in Thanjavur. The primary centre for Naadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswaran Koil.
    The palm leaf inscription of an individual can be identified as being meant for the person by verifying with one's thumb impression. It is well known that the whirls and loops of the fingers of people on the earth are unique and they cannot be replicated. It is believed that these prints are classified into 108 types. The Naadi palm leaves are arranged according to these types. The Nadi readers identify the particular types of lines on the thumb and finding the corresponding set of palm leaves are taken. The time duration to pick up your leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon, there are others that may take months or even years to locate.
    The leaves are not just records for Indian nationals but also for people of other nationalities, religions and creeds. It is also stated that about 40% of the people in the world are likely to get these results. The other leaves might have been damaged or may have been lost in the course of time.


    The origin of the Naadi inscriptions can be traced back to approximately 2000 years ago. It is said that the ancient Indian rishis or sages had written the life patterns of each person on palm leaves using their yogic and intuitive powers.
    During the British Rule, the British sold these leaves to the locals who were interested in getting them. People belonging to the Valluvar community in Tamil Nadu and were specialized in astrology bought most of these leaves. The astrology families in Vaitheeswaran Koil also acquired some of these. The leaves were found in Vaitheeswaran Koil around the 13th century. Those interested in Astrology realised their values and copied the contents on palm leaves and made exact replicas. These leaves have been handed down over generations to make predictions about the future. They earned their livelihood through Naadi Shashtra. They got trained by their elders to do the reading.
    The then Mahratta king Sarabhoji and Chola Kings patronized this form of astrology and translations. It is said that the Naadis had originally written on animal skins and it was later copied on palm leaves.

    The primary centre for Naadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a vaidhya or doctor, who alleviated the miseries of his devotees.

    Usually, the astrologer asks for the thumb impression (right hand for males and left hand for females). The astrologer then searches his repository of leaves for the seeker's classification of thumb print. Finally, the minimum possible set of matching leaves is brought. Every leaf corresponds to some individual and hence will bear the birth and kinship details of its seeker. So the seeker is asked a series of questions, based on the verses, so as to find the exact match. These questions are to be answered a yes or no. The exact leaf of seeker is said to get only 'yes' responses from the seeker. Once the exact leaf is found, the astrology tells the seeker's name, parents name, spouse name and many other details about his future, since they are all written in the leaf. The first chapter (kaandam) in the leaf has the general overview of its seeker's life. Then the kandams that follow this are specific ones like Marriage, Profession, etc. The list of chapters and details are as follows:
    1. It contains a gist of future predictions corresponding to the 12 houses of the horoscope, a general overview of the seeker's life with age. Is also a general summary of the 11 kandams that follows it:
    2. This Kandam is about Family, Education, Eyes, Money and Intuition.
    3. This Kandam is about Brothers & Sisters, Relationships between them and self.
    4. This Kandam is about Mother and Comforts through House, Land and Vehicles.
    5. This Kandam is about Children and births, reason for not having any, future lifestyle of children.
    6. This Kandam is about troubles and hardships due to Disease, Debts Enemies, Litigations or Cases.
    7. This Kandam is about first Union or Marriage and Status of married life. Also contains hints of valuable information about the name of the future spouse, horoscope, age of marriage, and some characteristic features of the spouse etc.
    8. This Kandam is about lifespan and Longetivity, Accidents and dangers with indication of time and age during one's lifetime.
    9. This Kandam is about Father, Wealth, Visits to holy places, Fortune; Benefit from the preaching's of Guru and holy people, charitable deeds and social life.
    10. This Kandam is about Career, Job, Profession and Business, Good and Bad times in career. Future predictions about growth, prosperity and losses in one's job or business.
    11. This Kandam is about Second or further marriages, Profits in business etc.
    12. This Kandam is about Expenditures, Foreign Visits, Next birth and Salvation.

    Separate Kandams:
    13. Shanti Pariharam: This Kandam is about past life or birth, bad and good deeds and a series of rituals that can dilute the effect of past bad deeds.
    14. Deeksha Kandam: This Kandam is about the methods of preparing the Mantra Raksha, that has the power to shield the self from evil forces of jealous and envy. Raksha ensures relatively better rewards for one's efforts and success in deeds.
    15. Avushada Kandam: This Kandam is about medicines, prescription suggested to those suffering from chronic diseases.

    Initially, only the first chapter is read to the seeker. If the seeker needs further details on some particular chapter (like Business, Health, Marriage etc), then the corresponding chapter's verses are read to him/her. The seeker is also advised rituals which can correct the future mishappenings, there by leading to a choice.

    1) Below are my experiences, as seen / perceived by me. It is upto the reader to form his/ her own opinion about the veracity of this system of astrological predictions. I am in no way canvassing for anyone to try this system.
    2) Some of my friends are of the opinion that these readings reflect the past correctly, the future as foretold have turned out to be not fully correct.
    2) Understand there are very many bogus Naadi readers, who may not have the right palm leaf but make up the predictions from info collected from the clients both directly & indirectly. Also, they collect money for various parihara etc. Anyone interested to get their future read, need to ascertain the antecedents / reputation of the astrologer, in their own interest.

    True Story:

    This was a story related to me by my dad, over 40 years back.
    The incident in the story took place during late 1930's.
    My dad had an younger sister, my aunt, whose marriage was getting delayed on one pretext or the other. In those days, even 18 years was considered too old for the marriage of a girl. My grand father had consulted many an astrologer and finally was advised to get her Nadi read from Vaitheeswaran Koil.
    Accordingly, one fine morning he and his cousin reached V Koil. It was a hot summer day. They could not easily locate the house of nadi astrologer. After roaming about an hour or so, they decided to rest on the pyol (Thinnai) of a house for sometime, before resuming their search.
    Within minutes of their sitting on the pyol, someone from inside the house came asking whether he was Subramaniam.
    On his replying in the affirmative, the inmate told him that it was the house of a nadi astrologer and the nadi was calling him inside.
    Surprised, my GF and his cousin went inside the house.
    It transpired that the astrologer was reading someone else's nadi leaves when it appeared in the leaves that " One Subramaniam has just come out side. Now, I am going to tell his future". Thereafter, the leaves contained verses about my GF, his purpose of coming there and also predictions about my aunt's marriage.
    My aunt's marriage took place as mentioned in the leaves.
    I wouldn't have believed this story had it been told by anyone else, other than my dad. Even in my later days, when I got associated with nadi predictions, more due to my interest in astrology, I had never come across one person's future being found in someone else's palm leaves.
    Be that as it may, this story explains the precision levels reached by ancient sages while predicting/ recording happenings thousands of years hence.

    Thereafter, I was keen on getting my future read, but my dad didn't permit. He felt it was too early for me and I totally forgot all about it.
    During mid '90s, once my younger brother told me that he got his nadi read by someone in Kanchipuram and the readings were by and large accurate. This brought back to my memory the above story and I decided to consult nadi for myself, more out of inquisitiveness. The predictions were pretty accurate, all details about me, my parents, my wife (including her being employed in a senior position in a Govt bank) and also my kids. For my daughter, it stated clearly that she was studying medicine - to predict thousands of years ago about my wife being employed and my daughter doing medicine - some prediction that! For all that, I gave them only my right thumb impression.
    My future as told have also come true so far.
    This prompted me to consult the same nadi astrologer once again, for one of my nieces. What happened then was something which I would never forget. Amazing, so to say!

    As this post has already become too long, I would revert with that anecdote separately pl, ASAP. [​IMG]
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    Re: Personal experience

    Hai Dear

    There is a wonderful Nadi person in Bangalore. But to get an appointment u need to call him 2 months in advance. IF you call up now, u will get appointment in August 2009., He is not for money. If u want his contact no. I can send it to u.

    Kindly reply back.



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