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My resolutions & concpiracy of seasons

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jaishree9, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. jaishree9

    jaishree9 Silver IL'ite

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    Wish u all IL an extremely happy new year ! Joy & laughter from Jan to Dec. :cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers
    As the old year dies out & New Year starts everybody wants to welcome the new one .The king is dead & long live the king ( only 366 days this year as this is leap year ).
    Personally in the last few wks of Dec I becomes very sad for the going year & more so becoz of the constant failure of my resolutions which I make every year on eve of new year that this year now I will start my walking & exercises & my wt. control program & my diet ( oh don’t assume that I am obese just a bit over wt) without a day missing & than lo The same story is repeated every year within days my resolutions break down .(Do u know that almost 40% people take new year resolutions for keeping them fit & naturally I am one of them.)
    There is joy everywhere with New Year’s parties & sweets & rich spicy food which goes very well with so cold winters & vacations of kids & celebrations & than what happens to my resolutions? Tell me how cud I stand in presence of such rich aromas of carrot halwa & potato badas & all?
    I tell my self no problem just this week after that the temp wud be little high & I can go for walks& I will follow strict diet.
    This is followed by some days of vigorous exercises, yoga too & walks, people start commenting u have lost some wt I feel so good with my flat tummy & all & lo the summer month arrives & how cud one exercises in such hot temp. The weather conspires against me with so hot May & June & I like nothing best than sitting in AC all day with cool drinks.And than in rainy season how can I go for walks & time is good for few plates of pakoras & Samosas every other day with picnics
    I keep watching Telemarketing ads for equipments & machines which wud do my workout for me .
    They came with sure claim to loose wt ( I know they are not all that effective & ultimately one has to burn calories by sweating)
    But I feel no this one looks good enough & it wud definitely help me I convince myself that all these models must be telling true! only if I cud have this I wud do my workout daily & I add one more Item in my home but soon the novelty wears off & I start searching for other.
    Then comes Depawali & celebrations followed by winter with cozy mornings getting up late, having cups of tea cocooned in quilt & again the hot rich foods are the need of the day.
    Result the wt remains almost same or a bit more with same fitness level & in the last wks of December again I become gloomy for both the going year & the lost opportunities.
    So dear friends this year also I have taken this resolution to loose wt, do my walks & yoga daily & I hope that I wud follow the schedule this year truly.
    ( actually just now a very cold wave is blowing over Rajasthan & northen India so I am sitting on my computer & writing this instead of doing my walk as was promised Ha Ha )
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  2. mums

    mums Platinum IL'ite

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    Nice write up Jaishree.
    Your post was humorous.

    I feel tempted after reading about carrot halwa, bhondas.........

    I can never diet during winter bcoz i cant miss hot pakodas.....

    I can never diet in summer bcoz i cant miss ice cream, lassi.....

    Rest off the day i cant diet bcoz there will be one or the festivals, birthday parties, marriages, functions at home........
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  3. swarnalata.N.S.

    swarnalata.N.S. Platinum IL'ite

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    Ha ha. Same old story with all women. ! So I am not alone Hehehehe !

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