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My Good M-I-L

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by dsrini, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. dsrini

    dsrini Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi All

    I would like to post my experience with my m-i-l. She is very good person, I am so sure that she is innocent. I stayed with her 1month after our marriage she was very kind and caring.

    She always wanted a daughter, but has only two sons. So she considers me as her daughter.
    Problem is my F-I-L. He is retried from a private company and my m-i-l is working in EB they have joint account so he has all the access to her account. He has habit of going to Race so he takes money also gets some loan from relatives (m-i-l side relatives) & use it and m-i-l can't tell us about this if she tells he will shout at her (who knows he may hit her [he has done that b 4 my husband said]). She bought a house by getting loan now he has rented that on lease for a stranger (he has got loan from that person & given the house on lease for 2 yrs[we think for free]).
    I feel very sad for my m-i-l but I am very proud of her coz she has brought up her son(my husband) with lot of good manners, responsibilities, respect to others(especially when it comes to treating the wife).

    She prayed a lot when I was pregnant for a granddaughter & now my daughter looks just like her. we are really happy about that. She even sent me a pattu saree for my baby shower (w/o my f-i-l's knowledge)I am very friendly to her(as I am with my mom). I always wanted to bring her here she can be without stress & really happy with her granddaughter.
    We also need to bring my f-i-l so he will be in our control.

    Next year we are going to India just to see her also we have given power attorney in my f-i-l's name for our house. We need to change it coz of his behavior.

    She is one good m-i-l.

    Just thought of sharing.


  2. puni88

    puni88 Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    You seem to be lucky to get such a MIL.
    God bless you and your MIL.
    Please do bring your in-laws over here, it will really help to cut short on their bad habits.

    Good luck,

  3. ramalav

    ramalav New IL'ite

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    After reading abt ur MIL , even i like to share some things abt my MIL.
    My MIL is so understanding, intelligent, beautiful, strong person. She worked as a teacher for 37 years and took her VRS. She have four sons and no daughters, am the first DIL . She doesnt advice any of his son nor me. JUst says that it will be good to follow any good things. She has never interfered in our matters anytime nor asked abt that. My FIL was also so nice person. Both of them really brought all their four sons with great family and social values. My FIL is no more, but my MIL made her mind to be strong for the sake of his children . she loves my daughter so much , since she didnt have a daughter. She's a very low profile person. She is very much talented in painting, drawing, rangoli, solving puzzles etc. She looks after me like her daughter.
    Really i'm very much lucky and proud of my MIL.


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