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My Experience Of Getting Passport And Visa For Infant In Us

Discussion in 'Infants' started by Avanti30, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Hi All,
    Sharing my experience about applying for the Passport and Indian visa for my baby girl. Please share your experience too. @blindpup10 , I hope it helps


    1. Application form for passport is available at post office or city hall. We collected the form at post office and submitted at city hall because we found that the response was quicker and almost no rush and line at post office.
    2. Mom and Dad need to sign in front of the person accepting the filled form. You need to take baby along with you, they just need to see the applicant baby.
    3. Photo for the passport - We took the photo of dd at home and photoshopped the background. The website for the state department of passport has online photo tool on which one can check the correct positioning of the photo. This tool helps to know if the photo is matching their standards.
    4. We received her Passport in approximately 3 weeks
    5. The Concept of Passport card- The passport card's intended primary purpose is to issue to the U.S citizens an easy carrying federal "national" Identity card and, which also allow cardholders to cross the United States border into and out of Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. They took additional $15 for the same.

    The 3 types.
    1. Tourist visa- Send documents to the embassy or schedule an appointment in person. (I think the validity for this visa is for 6 months)
    2. Visa on arrival- Ideal if you plan to stay in India less than a month (valid for a month)
    3. Getting OCI card- Read on one of the internet forum that it takes 6-7 weeks to get the OCI card.
    In our case getting tourist visa was effective.

    We applied for visa online-- Indian Visa | India Visa Application | Visa for India from USA - CKGS USA
    The site also mentions the documents required for submission. CKGS verifies the documents for visa before sending to the embassy. We sent required documents along with dd's passport.
    They have mentioned tons of documents sharing a trick for better organization --
    We prepared paper cards with number 1-10 and clipped the necessary documents to the serial number specified. For example- No.1 says Birth certificate, so get the birth certificate and clip a paper card putting number 1 on it. So now the document mentioned at serial number 1 is ready.
    It was easy to understand which documents are ready, need to collect or haven't collected yet.
    In spite of organizing all documents properly, we forgot to attach my visa page.

    For visa photo, we did the same as we did for passport.

    The only cumbersome task for us was getting thumb print of dd. Babies have such a tiny fingers it is difficult to get their accurate and neat fingerprints. We printed 4-5 copies of the form and took her finger prints. We chose the form having most accurate and neat fingerprint for the submission.

    Please read all the instructions properly. Sharing an experience---
    For getting the fingerprints of a minor it is mentioned Right-hand thumb for girls and left-hand thumb for boys. We observed about one couple that they did not read the instructions and asked the post office guy which thumb should be considered for their girl child's thumb impression. She told Left hand to them. Just read and re-read all the instructions

    We received visa in a week after applying for the same . Fortunately, ckgs website notifies the progress at each step. In case your documents are incomplete or forgot to send some documents you can re-send. The information about how to re-send is given on their website too.

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    Thanks Avanti for the info. I really appreciate it.
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