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Mumbaikars Are Very Helpful Indeed!

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Mar 1, 2022.

  1. jayasala42

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    "Mumbai is amazing due to the helping nature of its people!
    I boarded a fast local train. I asked my co-passengers, "Which side will be the Malad platform? I have to get down there."
    My co-passengers shook their head and told me, "Brother, this is a fast local. It will not stop at Malad."
    Seeing that I was getting nervous my co-travelers reassured me : "Don't panic. The train always slows down every day as it passes Malad. As soon as the local train slows down passing Malad, you can step out of the running train."
    "As long as you hit the platform start running hard in the same direction the train is moving & you will not fall and hurt yourself."
    Once the train slowed down passing Malad the co-travelers asked me to jump out of the running train.
    As instructed, I jumped on to the platform and ran as fast as I could, so as to not fall and hurt myself.
    I ran so fast, I soon made it to the next coach ahead. The passengers from that other coach were equally helpful. Someone grabbed my arm, another grabbed my shirt and a third grabbed me by my trouser belt. Together they dragged me in to the local as it was picking up speed again as it sped towards Borivali.
    My new co-passengers all smiles, said to me, "Brother, you are lucky that we got you in time. This is a fast local. Malad is not a scheduled stop.
    Mumbaikars are very helpful indeed.

    Jayasala 42
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  3. anika987

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    Really good one! Enjoyed reading it:)
  4. Thyagarajan

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    @jayasala that was a nice one .

    A jam packed double-fast local bound for VT was just about to leave the platform ex- Dombivali.
    In ‘ladies’ compartment, a well dressed young lady wearing thick Mangal sutra and necklace was sitting by window facing opposite side of direction of the train.
    A young lad was standing, some twenty feet away from that lady’s compartment.
    When train began leaving platform and accelerating, the young lad ran alongside and in a jiffy held the protective bar in the window and put his right hand inside and snatched the necklace from the lady’s neck. Lady and co passengers stood astounded. With necklace the lad happily jumped out and away on side of railway track.

    Next day she came to board same train and the lad was watching her from a distance. She wade through the milling crowd on the platform, hurrying toward her regular lady’s compartment. Before she could get into the compartment, the lad reached her.

    Showing the necklace to the lady, the lad asked In Marathi “behenji - Is it yours?”
    Completely taken aback, the lady lifting her sweating highbrows said, ‘yes’.
    No sooner she finished her affirmative response, the lad without any warning slapped the lady hard, telling in Hindi “don’t ever come out wearing duplicate jewellery”.

    Thanks & Regards.
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