moving to sydney.please help ..

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    Actually this is an effort to help my brother's family which is moving from India to Sydney next month.As iam in US and i coudnt gather much info about it,thought of seeking help from my frnds like always.. :)
    Please guys any info really really appreciated as he doenst have much time..
    These are his few concerns :
    1. Schools near Auburn (his kids are 8 and 5 yrs old).public schools or private which one to choose ? As he found out from somewhere that in public schools too , he has to pay equivalent or close to private school fees as he is not a citizen.
    Please parents refer some school names in Auburn .

    2. Rental cost for apartments in Auburn?Does apartments come with any Built ins like range and all ?

    3. Appliances like rice cooker of same voltage as india would work in sydney? (he took the adapter for sydney though) .

    And finally Please any specific List of things to get from india?

    Would appreciate any help..

    Thank you so much..

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    I grew up in the Auburn area, when i was young Auburn North primary ( public school) had a good reputation. Really i wasn't aware that he had to pay so much. I would double check that if i was you. Go directly to a public school an enquire.

    2. Have a look on or for pricing. Now days most new units come in with built ins. this will be clearly stated on the ads.

    3. The voltage is the same just and adapter will be fine. But you can buy cheap rice cookers here.

    4. There are big Indian supermarkets here especially in Wentworthville. Where you can almost get anything from India.
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