Moving To Sydney - June 2016

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    Hello everyone,

    We are from Chennai. I got a job in a company in Ultimo, Sydney. They have sponsored 457 Visa for 4 years for both me and my wife.

    We are traveling to Sydney on June 10th. Company is going to provide us accommodation for first month, near the office in a walkable distance. We have to find a place for permanent accommodation during the first month.

    From what we enquired, the following places have good tamil population - Parramatta, Westmead & Strathfield. I am planning to look for places in Strathfield because Parramatta will be very far from my office in Ultimo. Also, for the transport, I am planning to avail bus instead of train, since my office is closer to a bus stop than the train station. Since my wife will be alone in the house during the day, we are looking for a place that is closer to our language people.

    I checked some places in and the average rent for a decent apartment is 400 to 450 AUD per week.

    I need some guidance from Indian people living in Sydney on the following topics:

    - We are planning to bring mixie and wet grinder as check-in baggage. Planning to bring TV via international courier. is that something commonly done by indians?
    - Which streets in Strathfield has many tamil people?
    - How many indian grocery stores are there in Strathfield?
    - How many south indian restaurants are there in Strathfield?
    - Can we get fresh chicken/mutton/fish like we get in India?
    - Do we get the following items in indian grocery stores - ponny rice, idly rice, raw rice, dhall, wheat, maida, rava, masala for cooking, pulses, spices, oil, pickles?
    - What is the approximate living cost for 1 month for a family of two? please consider the following cost - rent, food, transport, house expenses & others if any.
    - Is there a part time job or any work that my wife can do from the house itself? Just want to avoid her boredom

    Thanks in advance for your replies :)

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