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Moving To Atlanta Sep End - Looking For Apartment With Good School And Gas Cooking Range

Discussion in 'Indians in Georgia' started by Ainsha, Sep 17, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    Glad i found out about this forum. Really appreciate the information everyone is providing.

    Having job near Glenridge Con, Atlanta, GA 30342 so looking for apartments in area. Appreciate if anyone can provide any information... I tried to find information online as well as searched the forum, but we do have some preference for apartments and search is not really helping. Basically we are looking for :

    1.) 2 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom
    2.) No Carpet
    3.) Gas Cooking Range

    4.) Good Elementary School
    5.) Indian Communities
    6.) Nice Green Clean Society (no high rise Apartments)

    I am able to find apartment where we have Indian Communities but not able to figure out point no# 2 and 3 from pics.

    Thank You.

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