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Moustache The Integral Part Of A Man

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Moustache the integral part of a man:
    After having looking at Amitabh with his white French beard along with a nice moustache, which gave him an identity of his own, this is the first sign of recognition the minute u look at a man with moustache u can never fail to notice he is a man, but other wise with long hair that they sport these days with jeans and tops, u seek out for signs of gender.

    My uncle had a penchant urge in maintaining his mush and used to trim it most days to keep it in shape, he also trained me to do so for him, and this art helped me maintain my husbands mush too.

    Some men I must say look so feminine with out this, like our saif ali khan who looks more like his mom rather than his dad, which may be would had enhanced his look more, but he looked so good in the film Omkara, with all those unshaven face and all, saved his feminine looks.There are so many varieties of mush from a pencil line to a heavy brush kind and the famous Hitler one none can forget, even Charlie chaplin had something similar.How can one forget the HUMDONO which ran on a mush difference only, and the GOLMAAL based on mush itself.

    While making a photoshop work on shridar I took his permission as he is a known personality in our ladies association no insult to any personality, and when he agreed to even put up a question in the forum about whether he should have a mush or not, now that is really very inspiring from a man, I thought could be very sensitive to many issues.

    Now being on this subject I am unable to forget a real life episode, we had received a nice picture of a boy for my elder daughter priya, and any amount of me cajouling did not have any effect with her, the family was a well known to my mom, as the mother of the boy was her chaddi dost, then ultimately I took a pen that was available and marked a nice moustache for the boy, and lo it changed his personality so much on the photograph, now I asked my daughter but she stuck to her guns NO!… now trying to remove the ink on face I couldn’t and the lady had asked back for the photograph now u realize the enormity of the situation the ink would not budge and here I was suffering how to get out of the situation, so wrote a big letter apologizing as to why I tried with the moustache and all and in fact the boy looks wonderful, now this statement catapult back and my mother was at the receiving end, as she shredded my mom, as to how u people can think about all these, so my experiment to somehow make my daughter agree landed all of us in trouble..

    That is what made me ask shridar too for permission, with this episode fresh in my mind, and mr. sri my friend I took him for granted he wont mind, though I have not received any negative or positive letter from him about this. Regards sunkan
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  2. mums

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    hahaha.........u really drew mush in photo??.........bravo dear.

    I agree Mush gives that macho effect to men.

    But i love George Clooney without mush.......

    I always hated Salman Khan movies......but somehow went to theater to watch Dabaang........yes i went to see his mush on large screen!!

    I loved Salman with mush.........i have even notified my DH to trim his mush the same way!!

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