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Mother-in-law -----woman Hitler

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Nov 7, 2023.

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    Very recently I happened to read a book written by
    a 18 year old young girl Tanvi Rathi,the topic being similar atrocities committed during holocaust.
    We have read tens of books about the atrocities committed ,murder of infants ,youngsters,adults and senior citizens.The author has taken pains
    to paint a moving picture of the holocaust,
    Hitler is the dictator of Germany, the perpetrator of harsh Nazi practices, Sadistic. Cruel. Evil.
    I can't but be reminded of the other side of Hitler.
    A few years back Tamil daily Ananda Vikatan released a book " Hitlerin maru pakkam" containing details unheard about Hitler.
    AS per the book Hitler has been portrayed as sincere, hard working patriot with strong will power and determination.Many students and political leaders have expressed desire to have a leader like Hitler.
    Well, the Hitler we know is largely what the United States would like us to believe.

    Here is what we never knew:

    Adolf Hitler strengthened the economy and put an end to unemployment.He set up a public banking system. Everything was done with public money – construction of new roads, bridges, dams, canals, port facilities, and the repair of public and private buildings.

    The unemployment problem had been solved within only two years, and Germany was back on its feet,

    As Hitler said, “For every Mark issued, we required the equivalent of a Mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.”

    Poor families were helped by using financial incentives, and family allowances, marriage loans and child subsidies were provided equally to each and every segment of society.

    The Nazi’s were also the first to create environmental protection laws in history.
    Mahatma Gandhi 's letter dated 23.7.39 to Hitler is placed below
    "Dear Friend,,Friends have been urging me to write
    to you for the sake of humanity.
    It is quite clear that you are today the one person in the world who
    can prevent a war which may reduce humanity to the sevage state.
    Must you pay that price for an object however worthy it may appear to you to be?Will you listen to the appeal of onewho has deliberately shunned the method
    of war,not without considerable success?Anyway I anticipate your forgiveness
    if I have erred in writing to you.
    I remain,
    your sincere friend,M.K. Gandhi."
    I’m unable to estimate how thrilling all this positivity about Hitler and the Nazi regime is, but sure not enough to erase all the existing notions.

    All that Hitler wanted was to become a Painter.

    He had applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, twice to join to fullfill his ambition.
    But he was rejected.
    Had the Academy gone easy on Hitler's Admission who knows the World would not have known him.
    Possibly ended up as a third rate Painter.
    The demon Hitler would not have risen.
    Though a failed Painter he was gifted with the power of Oration.
    In fact it was the Versailles Treaty of World War I that in a way created the demon Hitler.
    The terms of the Treaty imposed severe curbs on the loser Germany and Germany was imposed War Reparations of more than £ 6 Billion.
    Hitler wanted these Reparations stopped and restore Germany's pride.
    Hitler a powerful Orator exploited these adverse terms to raise in the Nazi Party which he took over as the most admired Charismatic leader and later the Chancellor.

    The suffering War torn Country lapped up what Hitler pronounced and seeds of hatred sown became deadly and deep rooted.
    This is how Hitler killed, have the blood of 6 million Jews.
    A tramp in the streets of Vienna who had ambition only to become a Painter was made despicable demon.
    Now take the anagram of Hitler ' MOTHER-INLAW '
    Almost every mother of a boy is being awardeda ‘life time achievement
    Award’and a grand title
    ” MOTHER-IN-LAW”,an anagram of ‘WOMAN

    HITLER’,a personification of torture.This award comes to one and all without
    craving for it.It is strangehow a woman who is elevated to the status of
    Goddess on the birth of a baby is degraded to this aweful position soon after an auspicious event of her son’s wedding.This is a universal phenomenon.Indians

    need not be singularly ashamed of this.

    While there are feuds between many relatives in the family,MIL/DIL conflict alone is magnified. Even a few months back we had a mail from suffering daughter-in-law.

    In 1930s when education was the remotest achievement for women,the conflict between MIL and DIL was limited to the household chores.In an essentially male dominant society,the boy’s mother reigned supreme and held sway over the entire house.The new beautiful virus
    namely,the DIL created a disorder called DIL Syndrome permeating every nerve of MIL.As the demon Hiranyaka Shipu always thought about Sri Hari,the MIL could not help thinking about her DIL and casting blasphemy on her for ever.

    After 1950,when educated girls became DIL,the conflict deepened and
    both the’ in-laws’ were in their best ‘form’ ready to react instantly.

    After 1960.MIL who had since been bosses,seemed to be losing groundsThey were assigned the role of cooks and baby sitters.

    The all supreme MIL is just thrown from pillar to post and she has to be just like an’ ambulance’ ready to help her sons and daughters at needy hours.With age advancing and other ailments approaching fast,she is
    subject to untold sufferings and tension.

    Day and night,happiness and sorrow do come in turns.Time and tide wait for nobody.
    Sooner the DIL are entitled to receive the glorious award.Withone or two children staying abroad,these modern MIL have to shunt between USA
    and India taking a dual role of baby sitters in US and custodian of their NRI funds in India.

    Single child norm ,which was considered a blessing earlier,has turned
    out to be a curse to both the ‘ in-laws’.
    The modern MILs have taken a challenge to prove themselves as sweet,soft ‘ideal MIL’of
    the highest order.But alas! They are in great distress.

    The plight of the present generation MIL is really pitiable.They suffer in silence

    It has to be realized that high education and enviable financial status
    cannot solve such conflicts.The only relief to all the syndromes is found in the capsule’C in A’-Change in Attitude-which can be achieved
    only through constant practice with determination.

    Even the atrocities committed by Hitler have been pardoned and
    many are prepared to see the other side of Hitler.
    Why should the feud between DIL and MIL continue for ever?
    Jayasala 42
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  2. Viswamitra

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    Dear Smt. Jayasala:

    What a timing to write about the achievements of Hitler when Jewish Nation is undergoing a crisis with 1,400 men, women and children killed by the Hamas terrorists and everyone seeking Israel to use restrain to avoid innocent Palestenians being killed in Gaza strip? The Palestenians complain about the control of Israel over their land and I feel it is inflicted on them by themselves when they attacked Israel from all sides. I know this is not a topic we are discussing here.

    When I was young, I have met so many Nazi symphathizers working in prominent position in the Government, Newspapers and private organizations in Chennai. In my view, every human being has both positives and negative qualities and when the positive quality are enormous benefiting many around him/her, he or she becomes a hero/in. Needless to say, If Hitler wasn't taking care of the Germans well, he wouldn't have received overwhelming support giving him total power and people joining his military operations overseas. If we read about WWII or watch TV programs as to how and why the war was fought, and how many lives were lost, one can understand the effect of this war. No need for anyone to rely on what the US has to say about the WWII or how the Jews were executed in the concentration camps. Anyone who conducts or support genocide can never be a good human being. We have seen genocide since WWII in many countries but they were all in smaller proportion but despite the size, one can't consider any genocide as acceptable. I remember my business partner who is an Italian telling me how different what he learned about WWII was in Italy when compared to the US. People have different perceptions about wars but I believe no one should appreciate someone who was responsible for conducting a genocide of Jews. Again, that is my view.

    Rule of Law should be applied across the board whether such a genocide is conducted by a military ruler or by a Democratic Leader elected by the people. The US itself was not involved in WWII until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and even a country like the US will have to experience such attack to motivate them to fight the genocide in Europe. Many Americans protested the war in Iraq as it was an unnecessary war in which many civilians died in Iraq. But war in Afghanistan was faught for a good reason of a terrorist attack in the US.

    I am glad Indians are not viewed worldwide as a challenge to their rays even though their wealth and education is frawned upon by many overseas.

    Regarding MIL/DIL issues, as it is being discussed everyday in a different forum here in IL, I leave it to the experts who analyze and interpret and provide solutions to such problems.
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