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Most Memorable Wedding Anniversary!!

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by blissofmylife, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. blissofmylife

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    Hi All,

    So which was your most memorable Wedding Anniversary so far??? I am in the second year of my marraige.. And I should say, during my first wedding anniversary I was in the 8th month of my pregnency.. Beleive me, with constatnt nausea and fatigue, I really did not enjoy the event much.. However, I very badly wanted to hog on some good food and so we went to Eden, Harrison' Hotel, Nungambakam.. I still remember the mouth watering Bharwan Alooo.. mmmm .. yummy.. Though this was not a very romantic occassion, our tummies were really happy.. Then came our Second Anniversary this year... Not having a blast on the first was really getting on our nerves and so we decided to escape to some resort on ECR or OMR.. I left my DD with my mom and both of us wer in full swing..We thought of having our lunch at Fisherman's cove and stopped there for a while.. After going for a long walk along the shores and spending lot of time under the hot sun, we decided to go for Brunch at the restaurant.. Which to our surprise was still not open.. On enquiry, the staff told us that tables were available only on advance reservation.. :( A little disheartened we drove out.. All of a sudden v started hearing some noice in the front wheel.. Not wanting to take risk and sensing some trouble, my DH suggested going to some place close by and we stopped at Fortune on OMR for lunch.. After a hearty meal, we came out and found the front wheel had got punctured.. I waited at the hotel lobby, meanwhile poor DH got it fixed.. Releived we were, not wanting to take any more chances we were heading towards Guindy, when another wheel also got punctured.. Being a Sunday we had trouble finding a spare wheel though ABT Maruthi was just 10 mins from that place.. I waited on the busy Sardar Patel road for three long hours, meanwhile DH ran everywhere to get another wheel... Finally v left the car at ABT Maruthi for service and toook an auto to return..

    Though the course of events did not turn out too well.. V really enjoyed the good parts of it.. And only in tough times do we really understand the importance of the other people..My DH was so worried about having left me stranded ter.. I really love him for his love and affection.. I feel really blessed to have him.. And thus, this became our most memorable Wedding Anniversary..

    So wats ur experience?

  2. Arunadhri

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    Our forty first one last November. Our daughter, son-in-law and our precious, (so far) one and only, ravishing 4 year old grand daughter, who were visiting us from Wash DC, sang to us and cut a cake. My wife and I almost ate her instead.


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