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    1. Name the only part of the world, where Malayalis dont work hard?

    2. Why is industrial productivity so low in Kerala?
    Because 86% of the shift time is spent on lifting, folding and re-tying the lungi

    3. In United states it is easy to find a Mallu's house
    because people get smell of chicken curry from a mile away.

    4. when u ask a question to a malayalee
    the answer will be another question

    5. What is the malayalam version of "Maine Pyar Kiya " called?
    "Menon Pyar Kiya"

    6. Mallus have been and are among India's most widely spread Community.

    If anyone needs proof then all they need do is look into NASA archives.

    As Neil Armstrong was about to say "One small step...", a Kaka came out of his 'shaap', and called his boy..

    "Yada.. randu chaaya.". So much so for Armstrong being the first man on the moon. Mallus were there first!

    7. Is Bruce Lee a Malaya Lee?

    What is Bruce Lee's favorite weapon?
    Kodaa Lee

    According to Bruce Lee, which is the Venomous snake?
    Ana Lee

    Place where Bruce Lee stays when he is in Kerala
    Adima Lee

    Bruce Lee's Favorite Malayalam Channel
    Kaira Lee

    Bruce Lee favorite vegetable?
    Thakkaa Lee

    What sound does Bruce Lee make when some one hits him?
    Nilavi Lee

    What is Bruce Lee's pet
    Chunde Lee

    What kind of water does Bruce Lee prefer with his lunch?
    Karingaa Lee

    What is Bruce Lee's Girl Friend's name?
    Anaarka Lee

    What is Bruce Lee's nick name?
    Neeraa Lee

    While in kerala he likes to be known
    Malaya Lee


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