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Modern Science and Veda Sastras

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by vidyasarada, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. vidyasarada

    vidyasarada Senior IL'ite

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    I read this slim book last week.
    Author is S.Balasubramanian. Publisher: Sura Books Ltd.

    In India, everything has a history of nothing less than a thousand years. We are an old civilisation and we all take immense pride in asserting that whatever western science discovers today was known ages ago by our Rishis ! Navigation, aeronautics, rocketry , genetics, Invitro-Fertilisation, surgery, you name it, our rishis apparently knew it !
    The abovementioned book goes further back, to the very begining of time. Concepts like The Big-Bang, Origin of Life, Relativity, measurement of time, blackholes, planetary motion , etc. are all simplified and compared with the Vedic notions of Hiranyagarbha, Pralaya , Mahat, Tanmatras etc. It makes fascinating reading.
    The book could have been better edited, because some passages seem loosely knit and some chapters do not quite clarify how the old view relates to the modern one . Grammatical mistakes and the printers devil too create some uneasiness while reading.
    Nevertheless, it serves as a good introduction to the amazing thought processes prevalent in ancient India. I was wonderstruck by the tabulation given in the chapter on Measurement of time and Nano-Seconds; One example :

    1 Truti = 30 Alpa Kala
    Alpa Kala ,reportedly, is the time taken for a needle point to pierce a lotus leaf !
    Howzzat !


  2. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    books we rarely pick up


    we should....
    spoon feed children
    not just rice, vegetables or noodles
    spoon feed them love
    add patriotism in good measure
    retell stories of valour from the past
    relive with imagination science achievements
    dig up old gold mines of knowledge
    that rishis have buried deep into our history
    assert that we have the oldest civilisation
    although the world doesnt want to accept !!
    ya who better than indians!!
    the golden buddha too was covered up in mud
    before it was found...pure joy
    people dont pick up books that says vedas sastras etc...
    nice to know u picked up one
    althought i havent read it
    seems great!!
    looks like u have similar thoughts

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2007

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