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Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 11, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    We have a nice sweet stall at the end of the road. The owner of the komala sweets stays at the other end of the road, and the trays and trays of sweets that keep going from the home to the shop is a sight for all children drooling over so many varieties being taken in trays with a paper covered all over except the front.

    The children with their height as we know is not more than 2 to 3 ft still would raise on their legs to see or get a view of what is being carried, motichoor laddus, Bengali sweets, mysorepak, milk cakes, jilebis, jangris, dry gulab jamuns.

    Now when my younger one chitra was young, it was the same, trying to peek in, and she was very friendly with the owner who was all for her beautiful smile with her charming dimples, she used to address him as w square, as he was always in a white trousers and shirt.

    One day she hit upon an idea, unable to see the motichoor going, she asked the guy to part with one of the laddoo for her but when he refused, she threatened him with dire consequence, still when he did not budge, she took a large stone from the road side and said I would hit you with this if u don’t give, and he got very scared that a tray full of laddoos will be on the road so parted with one of them.

    Next day chitra had been to some shop while returning the owner of the sweet stall, called her and said look chitra please whenever u want all u need is to come here and I will instruct Somu to give u any sweet u ask, please do not make a scene on the road.
    Now this is a great achievement for chitra, though she never ran over to ask any sweet, felt deprived of the game of teasing those guys to part with one laddoo was more fun, than getting one directly from Somu…

    Today as I watch another child look over the guy with the tray of sweets got reminded of another day……regards sunkan
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  2. kottravai

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    Even for grownups like us, just reading about all the sweets you have mentioned makes our mouth water. How can the poor kids resist the sweets when they see them? More than seeing the sweets, I think it would be the aroma of the sweets being made with ghee that draws kids(and grown up kids, too) towards them. Thank you for sharing your 'sweet' memories with us.

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