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Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. jayasala42

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    *What terrifies a true Masala Dosa lover?*

    Ask me… the true masala dosa addict. Making and eating masala dosa is an art. It is an acquired trait.
    The most important rules to follow…

    1. The dosa should be big and uniformly crisp till you finish the last piece.

    2. It should retain its shape till the last bit gets over

    3. It should have a slight fermented taste.

    4. The filling should be thick enough not to sog the belly of the dosa.

    5. Arey bhai.. Who asked you to add cheese in it?

    6. Same goes for tomato sauce/cooked noodles on it…? Fusion dosas are the worst insult to a dosa.

    7. Watery chutney or sambar which do not stick to the dosa. There should be a cordial adhesion between them.

    8. Soggy or over thick dosas have nothing to do with masalas. They are only for amateurs who eat dosa with lentil powders or sugar.

    9. Wash your hands (corona or not) and eat your dosa with your hands… eating with spoon and fork or fork and knife is a joke on our dosa's pride.

    10. Dosas without enough oil poured when getting done is a let-down. Please be lavish in pouring oil.

    11. Eating dosa with your mind on the smart phone… terrible. Please throw away that phone.

    12. Potato masala with too many ginger pieces… no way.

    13. Potato masala in a pink colour because of the addition of a few beetroot pieces… no way.

    14. Potato masala browned due to the addition of chili powder, for want of green chillies… no way.

    15. Do not change the shape into oval, triangular or conical. Make a round one and fold it into halves like the orthodox one.

    16. Packed dosas or home delivered dosas which get soft, bent or steam wet are a big spoiler. Dosas should be eaten straight from the stove to the plate… crisp and hot.

    And most importantly…

    Eat it in style from the sides moving slowly to the centre where the potato masala is waiting. Do not jump into the centre like Narasimha tearing the belly of Hiranyakashipu.

    Dosas are to be eaten decently not with two hands or brutally tearing into the middle of the elegant dosa.

    *“Oh my masala dosa…So much for making and eating you right.”*

  2. Thyagarajan

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    What time of the day or night is most suitable for eating this ( Mysore) Masala?

    Like dress code, here it is outlined is the eating code for connoisseur of Dosa. Very nicely written in mouth watering way!
    Hotel Saravana with its branches all over the world would offer this Dosa with umpteen side dishes. Yes with slight fermented dough used in making this crisp warm Dosa, served over banana leaf in the shape of a huge cone in Vasanth Bhavan opp Vani mahal comes to mind with side dishes including ghee sambar.
    Regards with mouth watering (5pm now)
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  3. umaakumar

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    Dear Jayasala Ma'am
    Very nice and a mouth watering post.
    I love this to any other breakfast along with the vada.

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