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Marriage Feast, Snacks & Groom’s Mom

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Dec 16, 2020.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:Marriage Feast, Snacks & Groom’s Mom :hello:

    Hear the names of mouth watering items of food, feast & snacks as the singers proclaim sarcastically, that groom’s Mother hesitant & won’t eat any of those items.

    The lyrics in tamil.
    tAlam: Ekam

    Sambandhi Saappidavae Maattal - Engal (Sambandhi)
    Vegu Sankhojakkaari Engal
    Iddiliyil Iru Nooru, Jaangiriyil Munnooru
    Maisoor Paagil Naanooru, Thayir Vadaiyil Ai Nooru
    Puliyoedharaiyum, Venpongalum, Kaaraachaevum
    Kaimurukkum ,Thirattup Paalum, Thaenkuzhalum
    Vidha Vidhamaagavae Orukai Paarp Paal
    Kulaikulaiyaaga Vaazhaip Pazhamum
    Koodai Koodai Yaaga Thiraatchaip Pazhamum
    Dajan Dajanaaga Aappil Pazhamum
    Thattu Thattaaga Aaranjup Pazhamum
    Phodhak Kuraikkup Palaap Pazhangalum
    Thinnu Thinnut Theerp Paal Alukkavae Maattaal
    Amerikkap Baadhaam, Araebiya Paerichchai, Indiya Mundhiri,
    Iraakkin Pisthaa,Kaashmeer Akroottu, Ularndha Thiraatchai,
    Kungumap Poo Poetta Karkandu Paalai
    Kudam Kudamaagak Kudiththae Theerppaal
    Thinnaalum Kondaalum Thirupthi Yillaadha
    Varuval Seevalum, Vaasanaip Paakkum,
    Kauli Kauliyaay Kumbhakhonam Vettrilaiyum,
    Jaadikkaay, Elakkaay, Kaththaik Kaambum,
    Putti Putti Yaagavae Gholi Sodaavum

    Older Tamil/Telugu generation would easily recall SV Ranga Rao emoting role of Bhima of Mahabharata in Maya Bazaar singing, sucking and swallowing stacked snacks and other foods direct from large platter into his large mouth.

    The songs are available for ready- play and to watch in links below: first one kalyana samayal Saddam in Tamil & second one is vivaha bhojanamu in Telugu.


    I would strongly recommend that If one’s appetite is below average, he or she can try listen to & watch just befor meal time, these set of songs for its rhythm continuously for 48 days after shower for best results! Voracious appetite build up would easily discernible.

    Those who are below average in weight must try this. Those who are obese or considering themselves on the wrong side of the weigh scale too would have vicarious thrill and a bit of satisfaction especially when they are on diet.

    • This is only a suggestion and for holistic advise, do contact your DH or DW as the case may be and DDs . Consulting MILs and friendly enemies - please avoid.

  2. hrastro

    hrastro Finest Post Winner

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    It was Bhima's son Gatotkacha in Maya Bazaar, not Bhima
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