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Marriage Certificate

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by seenupras, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. seenupras

    seenupras New IL'ite

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    I need help and advise on how to obtain a marriage certificate of our marriage that took place in 1986 at Chennai. My wife and I have been residing in Mumbai since 1988. I need to obtain a marriage certificate for obtaining a visa to visit US. My queries are:

    1. Do I need to go to Chennai to get the certificate?
    2. Is it mandatory for husband and wife to be present together for getting the certificate?
    3. What documents do I need to submit?
    4. Should the witnesses be some one that have attended the marriage?
    5. What address proof should I give? The one at Chennai at the time of marriage or the current address at Thane?
    6. Can I get the certificate from Thane/Mumbai without having to go to Chennai?

    Kindly advise.

  2. sunikris

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    To obtain marriage certificate u have to go to Chennai only.

    1.in Chennai Muncipal registar office u can get that.
    2. U , ur husband & 2 or 3 members for witness.(for witness u can ask ur relatives preferably GOVT.employees)
    3. there u have to show them ur 10th class cetificate for DOB & Ration card for address proof.
    I think u can give care of address also.& ask them in office..there might be soem alternate rules too
    4.Ur marriage photos & wedding card.
    5.Importnat..make sure that ur& ur hubby name is same in both wedding card & 10th class certificate.
    6. U guys need to fill up one application & have to sign infront of the particular officer, along with witness guys.
    7.by the same day eve or next day u will get Mariage cerificate

    we indians have very big names..that we will ignore to mention on educational nominal rolls & but we include names in Weddingcard ...so
    they will object these diff names on certificate & wedding card..
    If ur's is diif names & then print one new wedding card..of ur marriage now with no mistakes & submit.
    This is all procedure in AP. I believe same procedure in TN.
    plz enquire in Chennai registar office
    What i have given is minimum procedure in all states.
    Will wait for otherpeople responses.

    Hope thi shelps u
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