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Many Uses Of Mask Thanks To Pandemic

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, Mar 6, 2022.

  1. Thyagarajan

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    Many uses of mask Thanks to Pandemic
    As we often under compulsion and at short notice go out and therefore mask usage gone up. It is not just one per day.
    So many buy in wholesale rate and purchase in bulk that disposable mask.
    Now the frequency of wearing new mask every day every occasion appear to have diminished as the virulent Corona virus in its various as avatars disappearing by and by.
    I stocked in bulk and I was even giving it free to needy. I went out only when purpose is unavoidable and none van substitute for me. During that time I carry extra masks.
    I happened to be in bank that disburse my pension for handing life certificate. The bank notice board placed at a vantage point proclaims without mask no admission.
    I entered with mask. The guard at the collapsible entrance smiled and ushered me in by pushing and sliding the door . The guard was all of smile when I pulled his mask to correct position over the bridge of the nose and told him softly that he must wear mask correctly and not to use it as a garland over his nape.

    I found many staff were not wearing their mask properly and so I from a central point requested to wear the mask and needy would collect it from me.
    The senior lady manager in her transparent chamber stood up and in smile welcomed me with open arms and guided to a chair opposite.
    Her light blue - azure mask mask was hanging on the top right corner of monitor erect that was glowing with figures .
    Here is a link to use mask for other purposes even after pandemic declared ended.

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    Mask could increase criminal activities too. Now when you go to ATMs, you are advised not to wear a helmet so that your face is visible to CCTV cameras as a security measure. The advantage of mask is your face is not visible to CCTV cameras if you have plans for asome interesting nefarious activity like robbing the ATM

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