Mano Saminathan's Recipe Collections for the IndusLadies!

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    Hello Ladies,

    We are happy to introduce here another member joining our Specialist Panel in this October month - Mrs. Mano Saminathan.

    Mrs. Mano who has got herself introduced to many in the Internet World through her exotic recipes, is originally from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu(a famous place for filter coffee, in addition to the Periya Temple and Tanjore paintings). She is residing at Sharjah in United Arab Emirates since 1976 along with her husband, who runs a South Indian restaurant there.

    Mrs. Mano says her interest in the cookery developed at the teenage of her life and it became a full fledged obsession gradually. With her son’s encouragement and her husband's support she had been motivated to post recipes on the internet continuously for the past three years.

    Inspite of being an expert in both Veg and Non-veg cooking, she says, "the one wish which I am yearning to fulfill is to go to the interiors of the villages and learn the undiscovered and forgotten recipes".

    Wanna know more about her? Check here in the Who am I? thread.

    Coming up shortly is her recipe collections in the section Mrs. Manos Kitchen. Do not miss to check out!

    Our sincere thanks on behalf of all the IndusLadies to Mrs. Mano for accepting the invitation to be part of the Specialist Panel and for her time and efforts in contributing her recipes.

    No doubt, our members families are going to enjoy her exotic recipes sooner...

    Thank You, Mrs. Mano.

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