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Malayalam film news

Discussion in 'Movies' started by mssunitha2001, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. mssunitha2001

    mssunitha2001 IL Hall of Fame

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    Girls....do put in your news collection too...:coffee:coffee

    Big B to forgo his fee acting in Mohanlal movie

    Amitabh Bachchan will act without accepting any remuneration in the new movie Kandahar where Mohanlal is the hero. Big B wrote in his blog that Mohanlal and director Major Ravi had met him to discuss about the dates and the fees for this movie. He said it is his honour to act with an actor like Mohanlal and refused to accept any fees for playing his role in this movie. The scenes where Big B and Mohanlal acts together will be shot at Ooty. Hindi actor Sunil Shetty also plays a role in this movie.

    Navya Nair returns after marriage

    Navya returns to the movie world after her marriage. Navya will be the heroine in the Tamil movie to be directed by Cheran. It is heard that Cheran will also be the hero of the movie. However this may not be the first movie in which she will appear after her return. She has also given dates for a Kannada movie. It is heard that she is looking for good character roles in her new movies.

    dONT KNOW HOW FAR THIS IS TRUE ....????????????

    Thilakan in Mookilla Rajyathu - Part 2

    Mookilla Rajyathu directed by Ashokan-Thaha was a comedy entertainer released in 1991.Mukesh, Siddhique, Thilakan and Jagathy played the lead roles in this movie.After 19 years, Thaha plans a sequel to this movie which portrayed the humourous incidents when four inmates escape from a mental asylum.

    The ban imposed by FEFKA and AMMA on Thilakan may create hurdles in the making of this movie.However AMMA has informed that Thilakan is free to act in the movie though he does not have membership in the association.Director Thaha says that he cannot think of making this movie without Thilakan.He hoped that the associations will discuss on the matter and take a favourable decision.

    Ghost House and Janakan moving towards Super Hits

    Most of the much hyped movies released recently has turned out to be failures at the box office.

    Mammootty starrer Pramani and Prithviraj's Thanthonny was not very successful.In Ghostt House Inn that combines Horror and Comedy has turned out to be the No: 1 in the hit charts, followed by Janakan that has a good storyline and wonderful performance by Mohanlal and Suresh Gopi.
    As per the Box Office reports, this week 's hit chart is as below.
    1. In Ghost House Inn
    2. Janakan
    3. April Fool
    4. Pramani
    5. Thanthonny

    [FONT=verdana,geneva]Script for Hindi Movie by Sreenivasan

    Malayalam actor-script writer Sreenivasan going to write script for new Hindi movie SRK.SRK is not to be confused with ShahRukhKhan. It is the short form of Shivaji Rao Khote, the title role played by actor Vinay Pathak. SRK is the remake of a malayalam movie by Sreenivasan. Vinay Pathak did not mention which malayalam movie he is remaking in Hindi. It is believed that this movie is the remake of Sreenivasan's hit Vadakkunokkiyanthram, but this is not yet confirmed​

    Kaviyoor Ponnamma Celebrates Golden Jubilee

    [FONT=verdana,geneva]Kaviyoor Ponnamma's Golden Jubilee in the Malayalam film industry was celebrated in Kochi with great fanfare. As part of the celebration a dance-music-comedy entertainment show was conducted. The show began with the guests lighting 50 lamps to mark the completion of fifty years. KPAC Lalitha on behalf of AMMA and Evershine Mani on behalf of the Film Chamber presented Ponnada to Kaviyoor Ponnamma. [/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana,geneva]Mohanlal who played Kaviyoor Ponannamma's son's role in several movies cut the cake as part of the celebration.Ponnamma and Mohanlal exchanged "Ponnummas" (sweet kisses).[FONT=verdana,geneva]Mohanlal told that he is the unborn son of Kaviyoor Ponnamma. "She is my favourite, like my own mother.She is the mother loved by the Malayalam cinema"[/FONT][/FONT]
    [FONT=verdana,geneva]Kaviyoor Ponnamma said she finds it hard to beleive that she completed 50 years in Malayalam cinema."I am very lucky to have so many children. I feel very happy to see that lot of people are loving me"[/FONT]

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2010

  2. mssunitha2001

    mssunitha2001 IL Hall of Fame

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    'vellaanakalude Naadu' to Hindi

    Priyan has remade about a dozen of Malayalam films to Hindi. That may be reason to brand him as a remake director. Hera Pheri, Kulchul, Garam Masala, Bhool Bhulaiya, Bhagam Bhag are some of them. But he has enough number of good films in Malayalam and also in Hindi which was not remade. 'Kanchivaram' which won national awards not a remake film. Right now, Priyan is back to his favourites again by planning to remake 1989 hit 'Vellaanakalude Naadu' to Hindi which was written by Shreenivasan in Malayalam. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumaar will be the hero. Trisha who was waiting for an entry to Bollywood will also be in this Hindi remake. This film is tittled 'Khatta Meetha' in Hindi
    Kaniha - rise of a new star

    'Kaniha', the former Miss Chennai is now one of the most sought actress in Mollywood. Her debut was in Tamil film titled 'Five Star' by Mani Ratnam. Basically, Engineer by profession, previously Kaniha had a successful career as a model. Her first film in Malayalam was 'Ennittum', which was a big failure in box office. Now with 'Bhagyadevatha' and "Pazhassi Raja' she has become the talk of all Malayalee spectators. The great success of "Pazhassi Raja' has earned her a lot of good films both from Mollywood and other South Indian languages. It was her luck, mannerism, body language and her outstanding performance in those films especially, in "Pazhassi Raja' took her to the hearts of mollywood. She had very little makeups for the character in Pazhassi. Kaniha is presently settled in US with her husband Shyam. Eventhen, Mollywood expects more great films from Kaniha.
  3. mssunitha2001

    mssunitha2001 IL Hall of Fame

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    'Mohanlal is my son'-KAVIYOOR PONNAMMA

    Courtesy Original version available at http://www.rediff.com/broadband/

    'Mohanlal is my son!'
    Shobha Warrier
    No star combination has mesmerised the Kerala audience like the Mohanlal-Kaviyoor Ponnammaone.
    No, she was not a heroine who danced with him or sang
    [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]songs[/COLOR][/COLOR] with him -- she has been his mother in nearly 50 Malayalam [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]films[/COLOR][/COLOR]. Kaviyoor Ponnamma, even when she was a young girl had acted as mother to actors like Satyan, Prem Nazir.
    But it's as mother of Mohanlal that people have found her most memorable. As she says, she has come to be known as 'Lalettan's mother'. To the extent that people have even forgotten her name. Why, even Mohanlal's own mother calls Kaviyoor Ponnamma as his 'second mother'!
    Here, Kaviyoor Ponnamma tells us what a good son Mohanlal has been!
    I have worked in the Malayalam film industry for the last 36 years. I've acted as mother to many actors who were much elder to me, like Satyan, Prem Nazir, Madhu, etc.
    In fact, Satyan Sir was older than my father, and Nazir Sir's daughter was nearly as old as me.
    But I never felt as free with them, nor look upon them as my children as with Mohanlal. In fact, I've never felt as if I were acting, when we've been together. We behave exactly the same way a mother and son do. Maybe that's why people like to see us as mother and son.
    But because of this son, I don't have a name now! (Laughs) Young and old, people say, "Look, Lalettan's mother!"
    No, it doesn't upset me at all. I can only love him as he is a nice child!
    Lal and me look good in films may be because I look like Santha-chechi (Mohanlal's mother). See, both of us are fat!
    It is not that I don’t like my other 'sons'. But with Lal, there is a special intimacy. Very often, when we're on location, people have come up to me and said, "Please act only as Lal's mother." And in front of other heroes, too!
    Right from his very first film, I knew he has this extraordinary talent. I told many people, "This boy will be the next Prem Nazir." Then I happened to see him in Balachandra Menon’s film, Kelkatha Sabdam. I told Menon the same thing.
    I didn't even know him then! But the thalam (rhythm) in his acting, his whole body was evident even then. Like music, everything about him flows so gracefully. Very few have this grace in the way they talk, walk and move. This I saw right in his first film.
    His specialty is that everything about him is musical and flexible. That was why you don't feel he is acting.
    Films like Kireedam, Bharatham are some I cannot forget. In fact, Kireedom. brought us close together. There's a scene in it in which I felt I was going to crack inside. It's a scene where I ask him to get out of the house. But as he is leaving, I run behind him... And, one last time, I call him, "Mone!" (son).
    He looks back and says, "Amme, (mother), it is not knowingly that I became like this. Without my knowing, my life is slipping away from me. Amme, please forgive me."
    When he said that, I thought I would break down. I felt a sudden pang inside me. I felt it was happening to my own child. I do not know what or why I felt that way.
    How will a mother feel when her son pleads helplessly? I experienced the same feeling. I felt my own child was talking to me.
    Films apart, he also behaves as if I were his own mother. He behaves like he was my own son. Why, I'd say he IS my son!

    'Mohanlal is the best actor India has ever produced'-PRIYADARSAN

    Courtesy Original version available at http://www.rediff.com/broadband/

    'Mohanlal is the best actor India has ever produced'
    Priyadarshan was the director who first presented a humorous Mohanlal to the people of Kerala. Together, they made several slapstick comedies. They stopped when film-makers hopped on the comic bandwagon, making a series of crude and vulgar comedies.
    It has been years since they made films like Chitram or Kilukkam, but even now, Malayalis name these two films as their favourites. Here, Priyadarshan talks about his childhood enemy-turned-friend, Mohanlal:
    Mohanlal was my sister’s classmate, and I was three years his senior in college. Even though we lived in the same area, both of us played cricket for different colleges and clubs. I was the opening batsman for our college cricket team, and he was the opening bowler for his. So we were always on the opposing sides.
    We were real enemies then. We went to college in the same bus. But we would pick fights there too, mostly over girls!
    We became friends only because of cinema. A common friend of ours made a film called Thiranottam, which we were both associated with. That was the beginning of our friendship.
    I found him hilarious company. Later on, when I came into films, I wanted to make use of that talent, even though he began as a villain in Manjil Virinja Pookal.
    And so in Enginey Nee Marakkum, people came to know about this facet of his character. Through humour, he became a hero.
    I've made 27 films with him. In each, I have seen at least two new expressions that I hadn't seen in any of his earlier films. That is how much he surprises me.
    I know that his contribution has got a lot to do with the success of most of my films, especially the humorous ones. There is a thin line between buffoonery and humour. He goes to the edge but never crosses that.
    I admire his spirit with all his coartistes. He has no ego hassles with anyone. He is ready to do anything for a film. Many people have asked me whether he really licked Amrish Puri’s shoes in Kalaapani. He did. He felt the scene would look realistic only if he did it. He wanted the shoe to be cleaned properly, that’s all!
    He never prepares for any role or scene. He is not bothered how he looks or what he does. Once the camera is on, he is a transformed person. As he does only one film at a time, he knows everything about the film, nothing more.
    All you have to do is tell him what the shot is just before you shoot. He immediately changes into that character. I haven't seen this ability to transform completely, without any preparation, in any other actor in my entire career. And, mind you, I have worked with almost all the actors from the South and the North.
    This man is amazing.
    I remember Mani Ratnam telling me, "Hereafter, I will never work with a man of whom I am a fan." I asked why. He said he often forgot to say 'Cut' in Iruvar. Mani said he did not expect him to perform at that level.
    He stunned me in two films: Vaanaprastham and Vaasthuhara (the late Aravindan’s film).
    I saw a different Mohanlal in both. A Mohanlal I don't see normally. You see him as a man carrying a heavy heart. From his body language, you could feel that he had a heavy heart. I don’t know how conveyed it to us. It was so real.
    I didn't ask him to analyse it. Because, knowing Lal, it would be stupid of me to ask such things. He never plans for anything or prepares anything. It just happens.
    Take Thalavattam. After he becomes mad, he doesn't blink his eyes. I didn't notice it when I shot the film. Only when someone asked me whether we did it purposely, did I notice it.
    Both of us -- Lal or I -- didn’t know that mad people rarely blink their eyes. In the climax scene of Kireedam, you see him clenching and unclenching his jaws. People do that when they're tense. All this comes to Lal so naturally.
    Recently, Madhavikkutty said that Lal was born in the wrong place. I agree. His potential is so much that I don't think an Indian director can ever make use of it totally.
    Do we have any other actor in India who is accepted by the common man and the critics? He is a superstar. People adore him. They throw coins at the screen when he appears, like they do to Rajanikant.
    At the same time, he is a super actor, too, having won three best actor awards at the national level. But we are yet to see the full potential of Mohanlal. Mohanlal is a unique phenomenon in Indian cinema.
    In fact, he is the best actor India has ever produced.

    Posted by madhu
  4. mssunitha2001

    mssunitha2001 IL Hall of Fame

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    juhi and mohanlal again !!!!!

    Bollywood star Juhi Chawla was last seen in Mollywood, a decade ago in the Fazil movie 'Harikrishnans'.

    The movie featured a much controversial twin ends in which Juhi was made to go for a toss to select between heroes, which was devised to satisfy the fans of both the big stars of Mollwood. Now the news is that Juhi is making a coming back to feature herself as the heroine of Mohanlal.

    Juhi will be in for the heroine role in ‘Gaatha’, the new movie by Shaji N Karun ,based on the famous story ''Kadal''. It is rumoured that Shaji had been considering the likes of Madhuri Dixit and Jaya Bachchan, before he zeroed in on Juhi. The shoot for the movie is expected to start by next month at Ladakh. ‘Gaatha’ which will also make use of foreign name in the technical side, will have its locations at Vienna and in some other parts of India.

    Sanjay Dutt in Malayalam

    It's interesting. Following the other starwalts of Bollywood Sanjay Dutt is also showing interest to be in Malayalam. The news is that he has already agreed to become a part of the new movie to be produced by U Pradeep. The director of the movie is not yet fixed, but the producer makes its clear that it is sure to happen this year.

    The year will also witness a number of Bollywood stars in Malayalam including Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Shetty, Dimple Kapadia and Manisha Koirala.

    A movie on a ship

    this is not a version of ‘Titanic’. But a small Mollywood movie titled ‘Njanum Varunnu’ which will be shot entirely on board of a moving ship.

    The movie will have front line stars of Malayalam including Suraj Venjaramoodu, Anoop Chandran, Harishree Ashokan, Bheeman Reghu, Narayanan Kutty, Kochu Preman, Bijukuttan, Ayyappa Baiju and Kalpana.
    The movie which will present another new hero Aashiq to Malayalam will be shot in 15 days, and tells a story that happens amidst the cruising of the ship in between Goa to Lakshadweep and in its return to Goa.

    “All the stars will be on the board of this ship for these 15 days which will make my plans easy”, according to its director Shaji Khalid. ‘Njanum Varunnu’ to be produced by Cameo films will kick off its shot in a matter of a month.

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