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    dear IL members,

    Thought to share this article with u all........ spend time with ur kids and parents. they r our treasures and friends too . Celebrate Mothers day.

    Making Memories
    Some may think spending the day with a child is doing 'nothing much.' Here's why it's the most important thing in the world.
    By Tonna Canfield

    Reprinted with permission from Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    After eating breakfast, my little girl says, "Mommy, will you watch this show with me?" I look at the breakfast dishes in the sink and then at her big brown eyes.

    "Okay," I say, and we snuggle together on the couch and watch her favorite show.

    After the show, we put together a puzzle and I head for the kitchen to wash those dirty dishes when the phone rings. "Hi," my friend says, "What have you been doing?"

    "Well," I say, "watching my little one's favorite show with her and putting together a puzzle." "Oh," she says, "so you're not busy today."

    No, I think to myself, just busy making memories.

    After lunch, Erica says, "Mommy, please play a game with me." Now I am looking at not only the breakfast dishes but also the lunch dishes piled in the sink. But again, I look at those big brown eyes and I remember how special it felt when my mom played games with me when I was a little girl.

    "Sounds like fun," I answer, "but just one game." We play her favorite game, and I can tell she is delighting in every moment.

    When the game ends, she says, "Please read me a story."

    "Okay," I say, "but just one."

    After reading her favorite story, I head for the kitchen to tackle those dishes. With the dishes now done, I start to fix supper. My willing little helper comes eagerly to the kitchen to help me with my task. I'm running behind and thinking about how much faster I could do this if my sweet little one would just go play or watch a video, but her willingness to help and her eagerness to learn how to do what her mommy is doing melts my heart, and I say, "Okay, you can help," knowing it will probably take twice as long.

    As supper is about ready, my husband comes home from work and asks, "What did you do today?"

    I answer, "Let's see, we watched her favorite show and we played a game and read a book. I did the dishes and vacuumed; then with my little helper, I fixed supper."

    "Great," he says, "I'm glad you didn't have a busy day today."

    But I was busy, I think to myself, busy making memories.

    After supper, Erica says, "Let's bake cookies."

    "Okay," I say, "let's bake cookies."

    After baking cookies, once again I am staring at a mountain of dishes from supper and cookie baking, but with the smell of warm cookies consuming the house, I pour us a glass of cold milk and fill a plate with warm cookies and take them to the table. We gather around the table eating cookies, drinking milk, talking and making memories.

    No sooner have I tackled those dishes than my little sweetie comes tugging at my shirt, saying, "Could we take a walk?" "Okay," I say, "let's take a walk." The second time around the block I'm thinking about the mountain of laundry that I need to get started on and the dust encompassing our home; but I feel the warmth of her hand in mine and the sweetness of our conversation as she enjoys my undivided attention, and I decide at least once more around the block sounds like a good idea.

    When we get home, my husband asks, "Where have you been?"

    "We've been making memories," I say.

    A load in the wash and, my little girl all bathed and in her gown, the tiredness begins to creep in as she says, "Let's fix each other's hair."

    I'm so tired! my mind is saying, but I hear my mouth saying, "Okay, let's brush each other's hair." With that task complete, she jumps up excitedly, "Let's paint each other's nails! Please!" So she paints my toenails, and I paint her fingernails, and we read a book while waiting for our nails to dry. I have to turn the pages, of course, because her fingernails are still drying.

    We put away the book and say our prayers. My husband peeks his head in the door, "What are my girls doing?" he asks.

    "Making memories," I answer.

    "Mommy," she says, "will you lay with me until I fall asleep?"

    "Yes," I say, but inside I'm thinking, I hope she falls asleep quickly so I can get up; I have so much to do.

    About that time, two precious little arms encircle my neck as she whispers, "Mommy, nobody but God loves you as much as I do." I feel the tears roll down my cheeks as I thank God for the day we spent making memories.

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    really nice

    That was so sweet Aarthi. Little girls are such treasures.
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    very Cute Aarthi...thanks for posting this and sharing...brings back my memories with my daughter ...and i feel now that i am happy that i had time to make those Memories!
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    very touching!

    So nice to have read this. My little daughter... she is only 1.5 years old, still she demands so much of my attention! Great to read at the right time for me!

    Thanks for posting this aarthi...

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    dear aarthi,

    it's all about what happends at my home with my daughter!

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