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Make up Tips

Discussion in 'Cosmetics & Makeups' started by hima, May 6, 2007.

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    Here am mentioning few Make up tips.

    The most important thing for make up is the color that suits you and makes you more attractive.
    • Create new colors by mixing different shades
    • If you want to highlight your eyes, keep your lipstick or lip gloss fairly light and neutral. If your mouth is a full, well shaped one, use a dark or stronger shade of lipstick and keep your eye make up clean and soft
    • To prevent tanning, apply equal quantities of almond oil and malt vinegar one hour before your bath.
    • Colors such as deep browns, burgundy, wine and blood-red work well on Indian skin.
    • Keep lipsticks of pink, mauve and orange colors.
    • Do not sleep in your make up as this can cause your lashes to dry out and become brittle.
    • Foundation and loose powder are a great way to get an even complexion in minutes
    • Use a good concealer to hide dark circles under eyes, crease lines and other marks and scars
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TD vAlign=top width=82>MAKE UP

    <TD vAlign=top width=126>FAIR COMPLEXION

    <TD vAlign=top width=120>WHEAT COMPLEXION

    <TD vAlign=top width=145>DARK COMPLEXION

    <TD width=82>Blush

    <TD width=126>Tawny pink , beige pink , Golden peach , peach

    <TD width=120>Peach and gold

    <TD width=145>Copper, rust, dark rose and bronze

    <TD width=82>Lip color

    Pale Pink, Sugar Pink , Coral, Rich Red, Peach brown, Warm Pink

    <TD width=120>Honey, Pinkish, Golden brown, rust, Terracotta

    <TD width=145>Reddish brown , burgundy and cocoa

    <TD width=82>Eyeshadow

    Blue, Apricot, grass green , gold, sand brown, grey, soft brown, cornflower blue , violet, pinky mauve

    <TD vAlign=top width=120>Golden, Pinkish, military green,

    Deep Pink , beige brown, Smoky black

    <TD width=145>Rust, purple, gold, bronze , copper, Smoky black


    Choosing eye-shadow: The eye shadow you choose must enhance your eye color and the shape of your eyes. The important thing is the color chosen
    Following points should be kept in mind while choosing:
    • Choose natural and sober colors. Choosing bright and trendy colors may give you an artificial look till they are not mixed by other suitable shades.
    • Color chosen should lustrate the shade of the eyes.
    • Color chosen should be mixed well so that there are no hash lines.

    Choosing eye-liner:
    • Mostly black / brown eyeliners are used.
    • Beginners should choose a self sharpening pencil because a proper care and practice is required for liquid liner. Self sharpening pencil is preferred because it is softer then regular pencils.
    • Choose a shade darker than eye shadow.

    Choosing eye-mascara:
    • The mascara you choose must not pour or disintegrate, they must be made of natural wax, without fibbers to lengthen the lashes. So, always prefer branded product.
    • The eye mascara you choose is not necessary to be of the same color as that of eye liner, but it must suit your complexion

    Factors to be considered before shaping your brows:
    • The facial distance from hairline to chin.
    • The distance between both the eyes.
    • The hair color and color of eyebrows.
    • The facial distance from hairline to chin.
    • The width of the forehead from temple to temple.
    • The thickness of the brows.
    Smoky eyes:

    Smoky eyes give an attractive look to the eyes. It can be achieved by following methods:
    • Use a highlighter pencil right under the eyebrow, with a wider sweep, near the end, right on the bone. Blend, emphasizing the natural curves of your eye. Use silver eye shadow on the lid and the inner corner and a deeper grey on the socket crease, outer corner and near the lashes.
    • Wipe out the eyeliner and redefine the shape of your eye by making the line narrower in the inner corner and wider in the outer corner. It gives it an upward slanting almond shape.
    Eye correction using make up:

    Eye shape can be improved experimenting with color and texture. Follow the following tips:
    For small eyes:

    Pluck the eyebrows fine to give maximum eye area. Use a little shadow under the lower lashes as well as on the top of the lid. Blend the shadow on the upper lid from the centre outwards, curving it upwards towards the brow in the shape of a wing. Line both the lids, extending the meeting line fairly out, to increase the length of the eyes. Mascara both the upper and lower lashes, using two coats on the outer lashes only.
    For round eyes:

    Make sure the shape of eyebrows is angular. Blend shadow from the centre of the lid and deepen it at the outer edge of the eye, extending it a little beyond the outer corner of the eye. Line the upper lids, starting from the inner corner and extend it out and up so as to suggest length.
    For wide-set eyes:

    Pencil the eyebrows close to each other. Add a little shadow onto the bridge of the nose or blend your shadow close to the corner of the nose and stop at the centre of the upper lid. To make the eyes appear a little closer, start outlining the upper lid from the inner corner of the eye, bringing it near the nose ridge, leaving just the width of one eye in between the two eyes. Continue the line towards the outer corner but not quite extending up to it.
    For close set eyes:

    Shape the eyebrows so that they don't have the close-together appearance. Use the eye shadow on the upper outer half of the lid extending above the eye and under the brow. To offset the closeness of the eyes, start drawing the eye line on the upper lid away from the inner corner. Draw it up and out. Similarly, the lower line should not begin from the inner corner.

    Tweeze Your EyeBrows :

    Thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hairs, and plucking ingrown hair.
    Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control.
    Square Tip: Best used for removing coarse hairs or several hairs at a time. 1. Tweeze immediately after showering or apply a hot washcloth to loosen hair follicles.
    2.Hold a pencil vertically along the side of the nose. Eyebrow should start at outside edge if pencil -
    Hint: Leaving a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.
    3.Hold pencil to outside of eye. This is where the eyebrow of a bombshell should end.
    4.Smooth brows with a little moisturizer to help hairs slide out - turn black the clock.
    5.Brush brows up to find a natural arch.
    6. Draw in the desired shape beforehand with a soft eye shadow pencil -
    Hint: Don't use an eyeliner pencil. It will cause you to pluck too much.
    7.Tweeze under the brow first, plucking in the direction of the growth.
    Hint: If your plucking becomes too painful, apply a little anbesol (yes, that pain reliever for teeth also numbs the brows)
    8.Using an eyelash comb, comb brows upwards and trim any hairs that extend beyond the natural top or brow bone.
    9.After tweezing, soothe the area with cool, wet tea bags.

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  2. shwethag

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    Thanks Hima the information is very useful. :2thumbsup:

  3. indhusri

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    Dear Hima ,
    Ur make-up tips are good & useful . Can u tell us how to do quick & simple make-up ( i.e. within 10 minutes ) ? And i would like to know about simple & cute hair-do's also . Expecting many more nice tips from u , Hima !
    With love ,
    Indhu .
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    hi hima,
    the make up tips are fine and useful one.
  5. Beryl

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    Thank you for the tips!! :)
  6. richlaff

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    Before applying make up on your face it's good to know your skin tone and what type of make up will suit on your face. Knowing this will help you to collect a right product for you and it would be easy for you to apply them on your face.

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