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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by tanupareek, May 30, 2007.

  1. tanupareek

    tanupareek New IL'ite

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    A girl's life is always full of strange realtions and emotions. She reveres these relations and cherishes these emotions. After being so submissive also sometimes she finds herself surrounded with circumstances she had never imagined. One such situation is betrayal by her love.
    This poem articulates feelings of one such soft heart, who in spite of being hurt forgives her companion. What makes her do so? What her silent eyes try to tell her love? I have tried to answer these questions.
    With hopes and prayers that no girl should ever face this situation……

    Luv n luc

    I think of you....
    I think of you as a river,
    flowing wild & stronger than ever;
    touching every shore that comes its way
    tasting every bit, not to leave any.

    at one moment becoming her NOVA
    yet another a devastating CASANOVA
    flowing with all its speed & might,
    a river too keeps its destination in sight.

    however licentious, still it’s pure,
    as it meets the OCEAN which accepts it for sure;
    and its virginity lies in the fact,
    that it has left behind all its act.

    what matters now is one thing wholly,
    NOW it belongs to ocean solely.

    Tanu Pareek

    http://All that you give....mom!!
    Last edited: May 30, 2007

  2. aami

    aami New IL'ite

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    its nice tanu ..keep on writing.....

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