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Love Met Again...........

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by leenam05, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. leenam05

    leenam05 Platinum IL'ite

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    No problem @Adharv ,

    Even here also at office boss is running behind us ,written episodes are ready but couldn't type then.

    Next episode is posting now.:grinning::grinning:
  2. leenam05

    leenam05 Platinum IL'ite

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    Episode 45

    Pari: Hey dear! You are blushing? Will you tell me what happened?

    Anu: You know on Friday was vatpournima?

    P: yeah, Mom was fasting.

    Suddenly something clicked in Pari’s mind. “That means you fasted…………

    A: (smiled) yeah, I fasted for Adish & wanted to give him surprise but came to know everything, then….

    P: (with wink) then ……

    Anushka chased her to hit her& they share laughter. She also invited Pari for a lunch date coming Sunday.

    It was a usual evening. Vedant stopped his bike little ahead from Pari’s hospital. Pari was leaving from her work didn’t expect him to be there.

    P: You, here?

    V: Yes, want to talk with you. Will you please sit down? (Gestured her to sit behind her)

    P: (shocked) what happened? Where you are taking me?

    V: First you sit, I will tell you everything.

    Pari quietly sat down & they started. She was asking in between where they are going but he avoided her questions.

    P: (frowned) have you decided not to tell me anything?

    V: oh girl! Have some patience.

    After some time they stopped near a lake. Pari quietly got down. Vedant too got down & removed his helmate.

    V: Come here.

    Pari followed him silently. He stopped at one place. Pari was shocked as she saw a table was decorated with red balloons & chocolate cake was kept on it.

    Its not birthday today then why this cake?

    While thinking she couldn’t believe her eyes as I Love You was written on cake.

    P: what is this Vedant?

    V: do I need to tell you?

    P: …………

    V: I love you … Want to marry you, will you?

    P: Vedant………….

    V: I am waiting for answer. Already skipped my lunch as well to make these arrangements, feeling very hungry.

    P: (laughed & nodded to yes.)

    V: oh, shall we cut the cake?

    P: if you would have told me earlier then should have bought some snacks.

    V: Yeah, but please cut the cake now.

    They cut the cake & fed each other. Vedant pulled her close. Pari trembled, as his face moved closer she pushed him back & ran.

    Because of that push Vedant lost his balance & fell down.


    And his eyes opened. He fell down from bed.it was 7 am in morning. There was neither Pari nor cake.he laughed alone. Ved nothing can be done now, she is not leaving you in dream also.

    It was late for gym. He ran fast after seeing the time.When he reached Adish gave him weird look. Vedant ignored him & continued with his workout.

    After completion of workout Adish caught hold of his neck.

    “What happened today Man? Every time you are always present before me. Were you dreaming about Parineeta huh?”

    How he came to know everything!

    “No re, Yesterday, I had some urgent cases so came late & slept at 12.30 am.” He waved hurriedly to avoid happy expressions on face.

    Now I have to take your case in my hands!

    It was 1.30 pm. Parineeta was waiting for Adish & Anushka outside restaurant Mejvani. After ten minutes they arrived. Adish waved Pari & Dialed Vedant’s number. While talking to Vedant he glanced at Pari from corner of his eyes. Pari was talking to Anushka.

    “Anushka both of you go inside our reserved table, Vedant is parking bike.” He said.

    Anushka nodded to OK & here Pari was face turned pale after knowing that Vedant is also accompanying them. She followed Anushka. Adish didn’t fail to notice her face.

    After sometime Adish walked in. Vedant was walking behind him.

    A cement grey colored shirt with a denim & brown shoes. Pari looked at him & her throat went dry due to nervousness. She quickly gulped water.

    “Hi Parineeta” he greeted her.

    Pari smiled to respond.

    Adish was looking both of them & trying to control laugh. He sat beside Anushka & with a wink said “Vedant you sit here.”

    Vedant sat beside Pari. All of them started chitchatting. Pari was trembling. She was talking for the sake of hiding her anxiety.

    When you love a person & he is around, you feel a shivering kind. Pari was experiencing it but still was unware about Vedant’s feelings. She again squeezed her self at end of a corner of seat. Vedant was observing her silently & smiling inside seeing her nervous face, she looked more beautiful like that.

    After lunch was over Pari hurriedly took their leave.Adish stopped her. “Parineeta wait a minute. Today is Sunday & from here you won’t get auto immediately. Let Vedant drop you. Is it OK Vedant for you?”

    Vedant widened his eyes & nodded to Yes. Adish & Anushka started, Pari waved them bye.

    “It seems somebody is angry on me?” Vedant got a chance now to tease her.

    Pari looked at him with guilt of avoiding him & slowly looking down said” I am sorry Vedant. But it’s not like that, Workload is increased very much.”

    “Hey relax; I am not angry on you, but why didn’t you pick up my calls?”

    Pari was lost in her thoughts reminding her disagreement with Kavita happened few days back. Both of them stood quiet though Vedant wanted to speak but couldn’t.

    “Parineeta why are you silent? Is something bothering you?”

    P: No Vedant. I f had any problem I would have definitely shared with you.

    You are my problem but how to tell you man?

    Vedant smiled. He wanted to speak but their conversation was interrupted by a call on Pari’ phone.

    “Yes Dad, yeah I met Anushka. When? OK, I will reach there, in half hour.”

    Vedant dropped the idea of speaking anything then realizing she has some emergency at home.

    P: I saved your half hour Vedant. Actually my grandma is coming from native, can you drop me at Shivaji Lake? Her Bus will arrive there.

    Vedant nodded to yes & started his bike. At one point he applied break & with that jerk Pari clutched his shoulders gently to avoid colliding on him. Her soft touch made him tickle. After ten minutes drive he stopped at lake area. They parted ways happily & Vedant didn’t forget to take promise from her to meet again.

    At evening an excited Adish asked Vedant about further developments.

    V: (Little irked) what to say macha, I wanted to tell but couldn’t utter a single word & then one call came.

    A: Hmm, I knew you will never speak.

    P: (sadly) what to do yaar if call came then?

    A: And what you were doing before call came?

    Vedant had no answer for this. How he could tell that he was lost with Parineeta’s eyes.

    A: Haan, You just remain silent & will not do anything.

    V: it’s not like that, I will surely tell her.

    A: when? After she gets married?

    Vedant gave an angry stare to him.

    A: Nothing will happen if you stare me like this, whatever you supposed to do that you didn’t do.

    Adish got two ice creams .While eating he stopped as his mobile rang displaying name of Shounak. First he was not ready to talk but Shounak told him something & his eyes sparked.He checked mobile to see whatever Shounak sent him & sent it to somebody.

    A: Listen whatever I wanted to tell I already told that person.

    V: (confused) to whom. Anushka?

    A: to the correct person.

    V: (irked) Adi, please tell Na…

    A: (with an evil smile) to Parineeta…

    “Whaaat? ………” Vedant was about to fell down & ice cream slipped from his hands.

    “Idiot, you told her everything? ...”

    Vedant was shouting & Adish was quietly eating ice cream.

    To be continued:wave:........
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  3. Adharv

    Adharv Gold IL'ite

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    :confundio1: did adhis really share with pari.....can't trust you leenam.ji :lol::nono:

    Dream sequence was very funny :roflmao:for.mint I got fooled :crybaby2: wish dream come true :beer-toast1: cool and cute update :thumbup: :clap2::clap2: waiting to see who takes the call.

    Thank you.
  4. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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  5. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    oh Pari knew everything?
  6. creativemumma

    creativemumma Gold IL'ite

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    Didnt believe this...felt it was too early

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